Men in Green Faces

Men in Green Faces Full of ambushes and firefights From page one I knew I wanted to be a SEAL The I read the I wanted to see if I could measure up Mark Owen New York Times bestselling author of No Easy DayThey go ou

  • Title: Men in Green Faces
  • Author: Gene Wentz
  • ISBN: 9780312950521
  • Page: 452
  • Format: Paperback
  • Full of ambushes and firefights From page one I knew I wanted to be a SEAL The I read, the I wanted to see if I could measure up Mark Owen, 1 New York Times bestselling author of No Easy DayThey go out into the jungle as a team, inserted by Swift Boat or Huey for maximum impact And when they killings tops, the enemy only knows one thing they were hit by t Full of ambushes and firefights From page one I knew I wanted to be a SEAL The I read, the I wanted to see if I could measure up Mark Owen, 1 New York Times bestselling author of No Easy DayThey go out into the jungle as a team, inserted by Swift Boat or Huey for maximum impact And when they killings tops, the enemy only knows one thing they were hit by the Men in Green Faces At base camp they wash off the paint, the blood and the mud, talk about home, and keep their weapons clean But one of them is slipping into his own private war His squad think Gene is their good luck charm Gene thinks God is keeping him alive for one reason only to find and kill a rogue NVA colonel and everyone around him.This classic novel of Vietnam, written by former SEAL Gene Wentz and B Abell Jurus, remains the most powerful and starkly realistic vision of Seal action ever captured in writing here is the story of a good soldier trained to be part of an elite team of warriors and of the killing grounds where he was forever changed.

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    • Ù Men in Green Faces || ✓ PDF Read by Ö Gene Wentz
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    1 thought on “Men in Green Faces”

    1. An outstanding novel giving insight to our fighting men in Viet Namrticularly the Navy Seals. The only other book that captures your imagination as well was "Matterhorn" which was also a page turner and as intense. There are not as many books that cover the Viet Nam experience as well as other United States wars which may be due to the fact that none were so publicly disapproved of as much. In any case an intense, insightful book which is often used in psychology traning.

    2. While an interesting subject I found this book repetitive and hard to stay engaged with. The characters were pretty flat. The story is basically go out on an op, come back, fart around, go on another op ad nauseum. The lead character of the book was clearly the author and he really thought highly of himself. I also found it irritating how pious the guy was supposed to be when all he wanted to do was kill people. Read for insights into seal ops in nam rather than for a real story.

    3. Quite an interesting book on special forces in Vietnam. Probably a bit too much testosterone for me. War is such a terrible event and the death of people on either side, not to mention innocent victims is a tragedy.

    4. Great ReadCould not put the book down. One of the best military books about Vietnam you're going to read, you will NOT be disappointed reading this novel!!!

    5. After reading all of these other navy SEAL books and seeing that all of them mentioned this book I decided to read it to see what inspired them to become a SEAL. I now understand what drove them in the direction to do that. To anyone who likes books on either the start of the Navy SEALs, the Vietnam war, or the military this book is defiantly for you to read. Gene Wentz was one of the first to be in the elite group of Navy SEALS where he went through every terrible/ scary situation imaginable wh [...]

    6. Overall a nice read that shows both the character and determination (epic self-discipline too) of the Navy SEALs who perform these elite ops. (Technology might not change things that much, even if you would hope there might be some edge to it.) Incredible camaraderie to be sure too.Apparently a fictionalized account of the author's time there, it did give a good feel for how life was in Vietnam, down to a lot of the food in the mess halls being preserved and overall just grub. Lose a teammate's [...]

    7. This book is about a SEAL team unit in Vietnam that are stationed on the son Ku Lon River, and have to go out on different types of missions that will change their lives forever. This book describes the horrific and dissatisfying events and images of Vietnam's secret war. It goes through the various mental and physical changes that happen to the elite soldiers of Lima squad's SEAL team 1. It describes in detail were, how, but never why these terrible things happen to some of the most seemingly i [...]

    8. ★ - Most books with this rating I never finish and so don't make this list. This one I probably started speed-reading to get it over with.★★ - Average. Wasn't terrible, but not a lot to recommend it. Probably skimmed parts of it.★★★ - Decent. A few good ideas, well-written passages, interesting characters, or the like.★★★★ - Good. This one had parts that inspired me, impressed me, made me laugh out loud, made me think - it got positive reactions and most of the rest of it was [...]

    9. If you want an experience that will take you directly into the Vietnam conflict through the eyes of a Navy Seal who lived it, read this book. A fictionalized account of his time "in country" its unlike any other book I've ever read on the subject. Villans, heroes, folks on the line of both, and innocents all mix together in the sweltering Mekong delta, plus one Seal struggling to keep his faith in God. I read it in one night!

    10. Novel about Navy SEALs in Vietnam written by a SEAL. Why I started this book: It was mentioned in several of the SEAL biographies/autobiographies that I have read and I was interested in learning a little more about Vietnam.Why I finished it: Full of military jargon, this is a hu-rah view of the constant missions, pressures and expectations of serving as a SEAL.

    11. It was fast moving and an interesting insight into 1970's Vietnam from Gene Wentz, Navy Seal. I got turned on to this book as it was referenced by "Mark Owen" author of No Easy Day. The book wold have benefited from an afterward that told how Gene and his fellow seals made out after the book. Were some killed for example? Did his marriage survive? What finally happened to Colonel Nguyen?

    12. Good and honset first person view. This book got a lot of people interested in military service, especially SEALs and elite forces. Though, I couldn't get into it. The writing isn't bad. I just wasn't impressed with the account. Physical and tactical dominance is undeniable. The motivations and actions in this story don't do it for me. There are much better accounts out there now.

    13. Wow! This book was incredible. It was action packed and full of comradery with the Navy Seals seeing action in a Vietnam. While being fiction the places,weapons, and ambushes are historically accurate. This book will have you on the edge of your seat wanting to become a special forces operator from page one.

    14. It's called a novel but I'm inclined to believe that the action and detail are real. It is a gritty, fast-paced, occasionally graphic account of SEAL operations in 1970 Vietnam with the death and devastation experienced by one team member and his teammates. The descriptions of their operations and dedication to the cause make for a totally absorbing read.

    15. This novel brings out the realism of Seal Ops during the Vietnam War. It also deals with the value of faith and religion in wartime. The missions are realistic, and well written. Wentz brings his experience to the fray. Loved this book.

    16. Was supposed to read it after winning from the giveaways but never did recieve it in the mail. I haven't found it in any stores, but will continue to look as the rating seem good and I think my son will enjoy it as well.

    17. Excellent story that captured my attention and imagination. This book brings to light the beginning of the frog men as we see them today. This novel adds some drama to the landscape, but I am sure most of the tactical and operation events were true. Had trouble putting this book down.

    18. Won through First reads. A book about what it was like to be a Seal in Vietnam. I like to know what I'm reading about (visualize in my mind) so I l had to look up a lot of weapons and war related terms but I think for anyone who likes war stories this will be a favorite.

    19. Easy read with gripping missions every couple of pages. Makes you feel like you are part of the SEAL squad. A definite page turner!

    20. 10/1010/10 worth every single minute, inspiring and truly smart writing in making this book flow visually and in form.Awesome

    21. Hoakie is the word that comes tomind. A little on the Rambo side. Futile attempt at character development.

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