Vinyl Cafe Unplugged

Vinyl Cafe Unplugged More hilarious tales are set in and around the Vinyl Cafe from master storyteller Stuart McLean Dave and Morley would tell you that life is what you make it Unfortunately for them that means a compi

  • Title: Vinyl Cafe Unplugged
  • Author: Stuart McLean
  • ISBN: 9781862079298
  • Page: 181
  • Format: Paperback
  • More hilarious tales are set in and around the Vinyl Cafe, from master storyteller Stuart McLean Dave and Morley would tell you that life is what you make it Unfortunately for them, that means a compilation tape of mistakes, miscues, misunderstandings and muddle That s not to say there s anything particularly unusual about them Like the rest of us, they re just doing tMore hilarious tales are set in and around the Vinyl Cafe, from master storyteller Stuart McLean Dave and Morley would tell you that life is what you make it Unfortunately for them, that means a compilation tape of mistakes, miscues, misunderstandings and muddle That s not to say there s anything particularly unusual about them Like the rest of us, they re just doing their best to respond to the challenges of modern life After all, who hasn t started a small DIY job that, and only hours later found half their house demolished Who hasn t worried about their son becoming addicted to knitting Who hasn t tried to toilet train the cat Lost an elderly relative on a day out Or caused mayhem at a school concert Luckily for Dave and Morley, the chaotic melody of life is underscored by the harmonious sounds of family, friends and neighbours.

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    1 thought on “Vinyl Cafe Unplugged”

    1. Seriously, I can't get enough. I am just loving these books-I purchased 4 of them and I can't wait to read them all. They are just so sweet and funny and relatable. It almost makes me want to move to Canada. I love Dave!

    2. I enjoyed the hell out of this, it was naturally smooth story telling, the stories of Dave and Morley are ones that will leave you rolling around laughing with tears in your eyes. For those of you have heard The Vinyl Cafe on CBC Radio, you'll know that Stewart's narrating of the story comes with that McLean twang to it, and while reading this I couldn't help but hear Stewart's voice reading along with me. This was great!

    3. As fun as Mclean's radio show or seeing him in concert (usually he is touring his native CA). While most of the stories caused me to smile or laugh, I'm proud to say that the final short story, called Love Never Ends, had me in tears. Not sad, just a glimpse of love well shared. If it does not get to you too, sorry, but I recommend that you start caring about life.

    4. This was a great find (thanks Janee!) and just the sort of book to grab on a fall afternoon. My library didn't have the same book that Janae recommended but I found that there are several books by Stuart McLean with collections of essays about Vinyl Cafe. It took me a couple essays to feel the rhythm of the author (and I really wished I could hear him tell the story; I feel like I'm missing part of the depth) and then I found I was laughing aloud or snickering at parts in each essay. My favorite [...]

    5. A charming, funny, sad, real-life story about living. Just the sort of life that many of us lead. I really enjoyed this.

    6. I'd only heard McLean on the radio, and wondered if his stories would transfer to the written page. It's every bit as good. McLean truly is the Canadian Garrison Keillor.

    7. Elaine just gave this one to me. I have never heard of Stuart McLean etcSo something very different for me to check out!Well--I didn't finish this book. It was just not cup of tea. Too folky.

    8. This is my first vinyl cafe read and I must say I can hardly wait to read another book. From laughing out loud to a few tears this was truly a great read of small stories of one family. I feel like Dave and Morley are now my neighbors. Wonderful story telling by Stuart McLean. I can see why this has won the Stephen Leacock award! From the beginning Pet sounds made me laugh every chapter. The toaster episode will always bring a laugh when I think of it again. And finally to the last chapter where [...]

    9. A master story teller, Stuart McLean's CBC's Vinyl Cafe (KUOW) made me laugh, cry and think about life. I was sad this winter when he passed away. I found Vinyl Cafe Unplugged at Darvill's Bookstore in Eastsound on Orcas Island. The owner of the store and I had a pleasant discussion about McLean as I paid for the book. Each evening I read one Dave's and Morley's adventure and hearing in my head McLean voice as he would have told the story. Reading the stories were almost as good as hearing McLea [...]

    10. As per usual, Stuart McLean served up a slice of Canadiana that is on par with the excellence we have come to take for granted from this gifted storyteller. I laughed, I cried, and I enjoyed ever page.

    11. Lots of laughs, and some tears. I miss Stuart McLean's voice on the radio, the Dave and Morley stories are a gift.

    12. Stories included in “Vinyl Cafe Unplugged”: – Arthur – Galway – The Fly – Christmas Presents – Harrison Ford’s Toes – Dorothy – The Last Kind Word Blues – The Bare Truth – Susan is Serious – Odd Jobs – The Razor’s Edge – Morley’s Christmas Pageant – Figs – Love Never EndsIf you read many of Stuart McLean’s Vinyl Cafe short stories in one sitting, the characters become increasingly real and rounded, and a clear picture of their town, friends, family and hab [...]

    13. Wow! What took me so long to read Stuart McLean? This was an excellent collection of anecdotes, I'll be looking to add more to my collection. These ones fall into the reread category since you can't get tired of them. What a shame he passed away recently.

    14. I hadn't intended on reading this as it was one that my mother had taken out of the library but I was intrigued by the title and the blurb sounded okay. It follows the life of a family: mum, dad, two kids and a dog. I didn't find out till afterwards that not only is it a sequel, it's also taken from a very popular and well-known Canadian radio show. As a result, there's no information given for any of the characters, the setting or any background information. It seems to be taken for granted tha [...]

    15. If Stuart McLean read the stories in this volume on air, it was during a time when I wasn't following his show, so they were all new to me, and the more delightful because of it. But still it very much helps the experience if one consciously imagines the words being pronounced in McLean's distinctive storytelling voice. A lot of the jokes pop off the page that way!The volume starts off strongly, for me, with stories about family pets Arthur (the dog), Galway (the cat who learns to flush the toil [...]

    16. I had not heard of Stuart McLean until a couple of years ago when the owner of the second hand record store I frequent occasionally gave me a complementary CD as a bonus with my purchase. It was supposed to be a two CD set but one was missing, so he gave it to me free. The CD was called Vinyl Cafe Odd Jobs by Stuart McLean. McLean is a humorist and raconteur with a weekly radio show Sundays on the CBC. I popped the CD into the car player on my way home and the first bit, Odd Jobs, was the funnie [...]

    17. Had some reservations about this book when I first picked it up. I had just finished Vidal's Lincoln and thought I deserved a bit of light relief. The first couple of stories were about the family pets and I thought this will be as rewarding as watching America's Funniest Home Videos: mildly amusing but not worth the time. I persevered and was almost pleasantly surprised. McLean has an engaging writing style and managed to twist most the stories away from the obvious or mundane. But just as I st [...]

    18. Just finished reading this for the third time in a year, plus downloading the audio book. While it has moments of gentle pathos and tradgedy that made me cry, it moreso gave me soo many belly laughs that it hurt. It was responsible for my being kicked off a bus for laughing out loud so heartily. Should you ever wish a cure for a bad day, month or year, this provided me with one of the best antidotes I've known. The chapter on DIY alone is worth the purchase of the book. Within an hour of finishi [...]

    19. I really enjoyed this book. Though it was only about a family who lived in small town middle of nowhere Canada, the chapters where each about something different, featuring the family in different situations with an assortment cast of new characters. It was like a well written comedy on tv. You have your hub of main characters with guest stars coming in to work around the staple cast. I love families that work well with each other as well, that play off each other.Since every chapter was like a [...]

    20. Number three in the Vinyl Café series.This edition of fourteen wonderful funny stories continues to chronicle the chaotic lives of Dave, Morley, Sam and Stephanie, a family living in Toronto. Included in this edition are their experiences as they try to renovate a bathroom, wonder about Sam's knitting habit, toilet train the cat Galway and knock the dog down a few notches in the household pecking order.These stories were all originally presented on CBC radio but do well in print as well.Winner [...]

    21. I picked up this book at the library the other day, just because the cover caught my eye. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I found it quite funny, and even touching at times. It really feels like you're there with the characters, taking part in their lives. I also love that it takes place around Toronto and mentions places I am familiar with. I couldn't help making a comparison to Dave Barry not sure if that is because I just read a few of his books, or because the main character is also called D [...]

    22. I enjoyed this book very much. It's like a collection of hilarious short stories, but all featuring the same family. Dave, in particular, is an entertaining character. I found myself actually laughing out loud during this book, which is unusual for me. My favorite story was the one in which Dave thought he had inhaled a fly, closely followed by the Christmas pageant story, the story in which the cousin is scared by the toilet-flushing cat, the electrical outlet story, and the naked neighbor stor [...]

    23. This collection of short stories was exactly what I needed. Some of the stories made me giggle, others made me smile and even tear up a bit. Some were sweetly sentimental, and others were silly. My favorite story in this collection was "Figs;" it is such a sweet portrayal of the relationship between two neighboring couples - one young and one old. Several of the stories had me laughing out loud; I cannot choose which was funniest!I think Stuart McLean's stories are perfect counterparts to the le [...]

    24. This is a 4.5 stars rating from me. I loved each and every story - laughed out loud many times, shed some tears this is just life in words. Simple life. Funny life. Endearing things. Some of the stories made me reach for my husband for an extra hug and kiss, some left me dreaming about my future family, or reminiscing on the past. A great read. A quick read. I'm looking forward to reading everything else by this author and catching the radio program that this all comes from.

    25. After reading far too many mysteries and urban fantasy in a row, I decided to take a short break. The first book I read was actually much deeper than I expected, then I followed it with this. This book reminded me why I love Stuart McLean so very very much.The man has an incredible talent for taking simple, everyday stories and turning them into something special. And in doing so, makes me laugh out loud repeatedly. I never regret reading one of his books.

    26. I wasn't quite sure what to think of the book during the beginning of the 1st story. It was a little slow getting started, but since it was one of the only books I had, I decided to power through, and I'm sure glad I did. I loved how almost all of the stories had this moment when everything came together, and I couldn't stop myself from laughing. Unlike most of the people who have reviewed this, I've never listened to the radio show, but reading the book kind of makes me want to start.

    27. I love reading Stuart McLean's Dave and Morley stories. They're down to earth, heartwarming and super funny. And after reading such a "dark" book I needed some funny and light stories. And why not spend time with Dave, Morley and family? This collection of short stories does not disappoint. It may not be complex but it's super entertaining and so down to earth that you cannot help but love it. You can just imagine yourself in the same situations. Loved it!4.5/5

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