Cats of the Clans

Cats of the Clans Hear the stories of the great warriors as they ve never been told before Cats of the Clans is chock full of visual treats and captivating details including full color illustrations and in depth biogr

  • Title: Cats of the Clans
  • Author: Erin Hunter Wayne McLoughlin
  • ISBN: 9780061973697
  • Page: 216
  • Format: ebook
  • Hear the stories of the great warriors as they ve never been told before Cats of the Clans is chock full of visual treats and captivating details, including full color illustrations and in depth biographies of important cats from fierce Clan leaders to wise medicine cats to the most mischievous kits, as well as loners, rogues, and kittypets.This collectible guide is a gHear the stories of the great warriors as they ve never been told before Cats of the Clans is chock full of visual treats and captivating details, including full color illustrations and in depth biographies of important cats from fierce Clan leaders to wise medicine cats to the most mischievous kits, as well as loners, rogues, and kittypets.This collectible guide is a great introduction to the Warriors series for new fans and is indispensable for those already hooked

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    • [PDF] Download ↠ Cats of the Clans | by â Erin Hunter Wayne McLoughlin
      216 Erin Hunter Wayne McLoughlin
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      Posted by:Erin Hunter Wayne McLoughlin
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    1 thought on “Cats of the Clans”

    1. This book was epic! I loved how the ancient cat Rock was telling the kits, Mosskit, Blossumkit, and Adderkit, about the cats in Starclan, or where the cat's good ancestors go when they die. The pictures were beautiful! Who wants to see them? Ok, here they are in order. THUNDERCLAN 1.Firestar2.Bluestar3.Graystripe & Millie Image error: Graystripe's eyes are green instead of yellow. 4.Sandstorm5.Yellowfang6.Cinderpelt7.Leafpool8.Squirrelflight Image error: Squirrelflight's fur is shown flat. 9 [...]

    2. Lots of small inconsistencies with other field guides and especially the main series, but otherwise a nice, quick read with beautiful illustrations.Page 36: Blackstar-Mentions that Blackstar was deputy to Nightstar. He was first deputy to Brokentail, and then became a rogue, only to return to be Tigerstar's deputy, before becoming leader. He was never Nightstar's deputy.Page 42: Littlecloud and Runningnose-Mentions that Littlecloud was an apprentice when Cinderpelt helped cure him and Whitethroa [...]

    3. God, I love the Warriors series.If you haven't read the whole series (like, the entire Warriors arc, not just the first six books), then maybe skip this book as there are a few spoilers. Before Cats of the Clans, my last Warriors book was read two years ago. Two freaking years ago! But I'm planning on re-reading the entire series, so I figure this would be a great refresher.And it was a great refresher. I felt a great sense of nostalgia while reading this. I was reunited with all my favorite cha [...]

    4. The claws are out. Screeching sounds are heard. Cats are constantly in battle until their death occurs. In Warriors: Cats Of The Clans, all cats were strong, and the cats have conflict throughout the whole story. The readers of the book will find out how these cats are clans. In this story survival is a challenge. This is shown as the cats battle for new territory . They have the right to battle or withdraw if their leader chooses. They have the right to battle for survival. They also (the cat c [...]

    5. Characters - 5/5 - Well, as the whole book is based around characters with such detail and depth, how can I not love them? Seriously, I've always loved the cats and this book really highlighted for me how incredible they are. There's definitely a lot of depth and stories into each one!Content - 5/5 - Excellent; a really thought-out field guide that I enjoyed reading. I thought the information given was informative, but concise and compact at the same time - nothing dragged on or felt like too mu [...]

    6. This book is significant!!!Cats of the Clans is by Erin Hunter and is about a cat telling little kittens about different cats that are in the Warrior World which they will be entering.The cats are grouped by different clans based on their specialty.There is the Thunder Clan,the Shadow Clan,River Clan,and the Wind Clan.When they die,they enter the Star Clan,become spirits,be honored/remembered and watch over the Warrior World.Some examples of cats are Firestar,the leader of Thunder Clan,Tigerstar [...]

    7. This book is told from the perspective from 3 kittens that listens to an ancient cat in StarClan, the place cats go to when they perish and die. In this novel, I got to know the characters a little bit more and their inner self. although, i wished that it would focus on one cat at a time, to make the storyline and dialogue less confusing. otherwise, everything else was good. and the pictures were very vivid and were related to the story.

    8. I really liked this book! It is another "encyclopedia" like Secrets of the Clans. It is told from the point of view of 3 kits listening to stories by an ancient cat in StarClan (place cats go when they die). Each page features a cat's story (usually a leader or other important cat in the books), and then a full color picture on the opposite page. i also liked this book becaus eit helped me catch up on the series (hadn't read the original books since 4th grade).

    9. This book was pretty good. I learned a lot, so I am ready to read the Warrior Cats series. I hope that this series will interest me a lot!The whole book is about the cats in the clans in the series Warriors. It has prepared me greatly, so I know about all of the characters.I recommend this book for people who are about to start reading the series, because it will prepare you for the characters and their personalities.

    10. I like it was written like someone, in this case Rock, was telling a story. Though one thing that bothers me is: Who is Skyclan? There were two cats in the end from this clan, and neither of them has been mentioned in the main story. This book cover to the third book in the third series, and never have have they mentioned Skyclan, and I am already on the forth series.

    11. Just like the first guidebook before it, this was very good. This one focuses on all the important cats in the books. It reveals more details about them that weren’t talked about in the books, but there are also lots of spoilers if you haven’t read all the Warriors books first. The artwork throughout the book is also very nice.

    12. Great book. Gives more in depth stories about all major if not all cats in the four clans, loners, and The Tribe of Rushing Water. Very helpful in gaining a better understanding of the Warriors series as a whole.

    13. Contains information, anecdotes and pictures of the absolute best characters in the Warriors series. Definitely made for fans.

    14. I believe I remember reading this book back in the 4th or 5th grade, but I really enjoyed it. I especially enjoyed that it described the thoughts that various beloved characters had felt about certain events that happened in each specific arcs they were involved in. It really gives more of an understanding for why certain characters were the way they were. And for that alone makes it a good field guide for beginners who are just getting into the series. It'll allow them to figure out more about [...]

    15. #Best. Book. Ever!!!I loved the way the Warriors author put pictures in the book. There's nothing else I think is bad. It's AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [...]

    16. "Warriors cats of the Clans" was well informing book for new Warriors readers like me. There are medicine cats, warriors and all kinds of different duties in the main 5 clans— shadow, river, thunder, wind and star—. But all kinds of drama and fights happen between them all. My opinion on this book is, I really liked it very much because it gave me a head start on every cats story! All these things I want to know what happens next or will this or that happen to who. I recommend this book to 8 [...]

    17. This is the first of the Warriors Field Guides that we've read. The narratives were interesting and we loved seeing images of the different cats that we've grown to know and love. There were a few cats that we would've liked to see that were missing, but overall, it was an entertaining book.Our youngest is determined to read every book in the Warriors Universe and I plan to read them right along with her. The stories are entertaining and I love that our youngest daughter is passionate about thes [...]

    18. If you are jus starting to read the Warriors series then I suggest, DO NOT READ ON!!! THERE ARE A FEW SOILERS!!! If you have read the series and looking for somthing else, read onIn this book you will learn about your favorite cats or cats you never knew exestied! Firestar, Bluestar, Tigerstar, Cinderpelt, Brackenpaw, Silverstream, Greystripe, Scourge, Bone and many more.I suggest this book to all Warriors fans.

    19. Having read the novels it was really fun to see pictures of the cats—and the pictures were beautifully illustrated! I was bummed that there was no picture of Cloudtail, though. I wasn’t as wild about the written bits—it was done cleverly enough but having read the books I didn’t really need them. It was just review of what I’d already read. I would have liked more illustrations and maybe a few family trees!

    20. All 6 clans of the cats wanted to live peacefully in the forest without getting into war against one another. But these clans are always fighting for new additions to their clans. So one day a clan tried to sneak into another clans territory to steal their new cats, which ended up in a fight. Will these cats ever stop fighting? Warriors Battles of the Clans is about Bravery, Hardworking and Intelligence.

    21. This was a wonderful way to learn about the characters, especially the ones you're always think about! I do suggest that you read at least from Into The Wild to The New Prophecy Dawn. It does give away somethings but it's worth it to see the awesome art work and detailed personalities of each cat. The book includes, ThunderClan, ShadowClan, WIndClan, RiverClan, and Cats Outside The Clans. Which is useful! Another book down, 7 books to go.

    22. I wish that the descriptions were longer.i imagined it to be thick with all the characters that are somebodys.I think cloudtail,barkface,mudfur,morningflower should have been in there.Brightheart's picture is sad,but VERY genuine to what the book saidI spent hours OCD-ing over tallstar's pic 'cuz he is my fav. character.tigerstar looked a mess.jus totally AWFUL.:-(.but thumbs up to the artist.

    23. Ok this is one of the best books by Erin Hunter. Ok well its not a "book" its a book that tells you about the cats and the clans. This is really helpful because a theres so many cats in the books its hard to know who looks like what. When I'm reading a Warrior cat book I normaly always have this by my side. Evenn know it doesn't have every single cat it has most of them. This is why I enjoy this book.

    24. I think this book was great! After reading this book, I realized that so many characters have a totally different personality than I thought they had! I also like how they showed pictures for the cats. I like when you have an actual good visual idea of what they look like when reading. In all, its a very helpful book if you read the warriors series, and I definitely recommend it!

    25. In this book you were able to read about certain major characters. It said something about who they were, their personality, and there would be an image of each cat. Many of the images of the cats looked like I pictured them, but there was a few that I thought weren't very accurate or not true to what the books say they look like.

    26. you know, for an introduction or reference book, thus is not very helpful. I think bullet points and main ideas would be better for this type of book. I would think most kids who read tiff are looking for reminders of what car is what and this book basically gives the name, the clan, and one anecdote. not very helpful.

    27. I really enjoyed this overlook of all the main characters. I liked that it was written from Rock's perspective. That made it interesting. I bought the Kindle edition of this book and was pleased that all the pictures were in color. I can finally see the cats that I've been reading about for the past several months. A really nice, short read.

    28. This was a great book! Have you ever wondered why Leopardstar was so mean or why Onestar stopped being Firestars friend? Or perhaps even curious to see what Brightheart looks like.This book provides you with a description of a cat and then the cat's picture. So if you want your questions answered then read this book.

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