Yurara, Vol.2

Yurara Vol When Yurara s guardian spirit picks up a ghostly stalker she vanishes leaving Yurara to deal with the paranormal pervert on her own

  • Title: Yurara, Vol.2
  • Author: Chika Shiomi
  • ISBN: 9781421513515
  • Page: 246
  • Format: Paperback
  • When Yurara s guardian spirit picks up a ghostly stalker, she vanishes, leaving Yurara to deal with the paranormal pervert on her own

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      246 Chika Shiomi
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    1 thought on “Yurara, Vol.2”

    1. This second volume of the Yurara manga is another excellent read. The horror-romance combination makes for some interesting plots. In this volume Yurara's guardian spirit is featured in a two chapter story. In another two chapter story we learn a lot more about Mei Tendo, one of the two boys who help protect Yurara in this realm. This collection again proves that all comics don't have to be about super heroes. Three cheers for Japanese manga!

    2. Well, I liked this enough to decide to read the rest of the volumes - it's only 5 volumes after all, but Mei comes across as a major a-hole in this volume, so knowing that Yurara will end up with him (because I read the sequel series Rasetsu before this book) is annoying. I get that he has a dark past, but I don't like this making the guy callous. I do like the way Yurara the living girl and Yurara the guardian spirit don't let him do what he wants with the lost ghosts they encounter. I also don [...]

    3. Bintang 3.Book 2 of 5.Hati Yurara tergetar ketika Mei memberikan perhatian saat Yurara terluka sehabis mereka menghadapi satu arwah penasaran di Klub renang di sekolah. Mei seperti biasa selalu bersikap hangat pada seluruh teman teman perempuannya di sekolah termasuk Yurara. Dilain pihak Yakou yg dingin dan pendiam sedikit demi sedikit memberikan perhatian pada Yurara, sejak Yurara yg lain menolongnya dari ketakutannya pada genangan air.Ternyata Mei pernah kehilangan wanita yg dicintainya. Wanit [...]

    4. Another romantic triangle about a girl with psychic powers and the two boys interested in her. Except when she is put in danger, a guardian spirit takes over her body and protects her. Now, the triangle becomes a quadrangle??? when the boys find themselves attracted to the spirit within her. Nothing really new or exciting in the plot line, but an enjoyable read if you like this kind of manga.

    5. Series Review: A very short and interesting manga Yurara is great for a quick read. The characters are funny and entertaining but the plot is unique but not very gripping. It focuses mainly on the love story. It actually is a prequel for the manga Rasetsu's Flower which is set in at a later time. Over all it is good for a quick read but not anything groundbreaking.

    6. This is volume 2 of an exciting ghost busting manga full of interesting characters and a sweet love story ( or two). This time around, one of the ghosts is Mei's first love and it ends with quite interesting results!

    7. It seem Yurara is falling in love, Mei is stirring up her heart. Mei acts so idiotic it's funny, like he cheats on a test but it's so obvious because he writes his name over Yako's name on the test. Yurara gets to meet Mei's family & she learns why Mei acts so overprotective.

    8. Like this series. When the spirits possess her she is a totally different character. I am not sure she likes being so different. The guys make me laugh with the way the respond to her being a different character.

    9. I expected this manga to be good because I had read about it, but I just didn't like it. I tried, but I just couldn't get into it.

    10. A perverted ghost falls for the guardian spirit. You find out more about Mei's past. Mei becomes possessed. Mei says he loves Yurara.

    11. I don't even like manga that much. But they are just. So. Addicting. Well, time to get the third one

    12. the whole series is amazing. perfect even. if you've read the first book then by now you know what the characters are like. if not you are in for a riotain. perfect series!

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