Yurara, Vol. 1

Yurara Vol There are two sides to every ghost storyYurara Tsukinowa is a quiet girl who can see spirits and sense their emotions Not wanting to seem abnormal she hides her secret until she meets Mei Tendo and Y

  • Title: Yurara, Vol. 1
  • Author: Chika Shiomi
  • ISBN: 9781421513508
  • Page: 242
  • Format: Paperback
  • There are two sides to every ghost storyYurara Tsukinowa is a quiet girl who can see spirits and sense their emotions Not wanting to seem abnormal, she hides her secret until she meets Mei Tendo and Yako Hoshino, two guys who use their spiritual powers to ward off vengeful spirits The dormant guardian spirit in Yurara arises and a strong willed beauty with the power tThere are two sides to every ghost storyYurara Tsukinowa is a quiet girl who can see spirits and sense their emotions Not wanting to seem abnormal, she hides her secret until she meets Mei Tendo and Yako Hoshino, two guys who use their spiritual powers to ward off vengeful spirits The dormant guardian spirit in Yurara arises and a strong willed beauty with the power to release souls emerges On Yurara s first day of high school, she finds her assigned seat is occupied by a ghost Mei and Yako cannot banish the spirit, and Yurara s other self is released

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    1. I'm not feeling up to my current contemporary romance spree, I have no idea why, maybe a glut of too many of them in one go, so I've been diving into my piles of TBR manga this week. And this is the most current read, I'll be working my way back in reviews, before I completely forget (which is why I went on GR in the first place).I read Rasetsu, the sequel series before this and quite liked it, having bounced off previous Chika Shiomi series in scanlation (and bought books). I think I'll get the [...]

    2. I can see why her editor (and fans) demanded a follow-up for Yakou -- he's much more interesting than Meiwa, the Designated Love Interest, and in fact based on this volume I would have predicted he was the one who'd end up with the girl. Sadly, he is also more interesting than the girl, if not than the spirit guardian who occasionally possesses the girl.

    3. love love loved this series. Yako and Mei are hilarious! I love how they fight but still get along. (reminds me of people) *dodges bullets and books* in a good way!!Yurara is adorable I really enjoyed her reactions to Yako and Mei.If you like cutesy but funny and laugh out loud ridiculousness then this series is perfect for you.

    4. great supernatural plot. The guardian spirit is awesome and I love the ghosts here. The romance here is confusing. Served my girly interests well.

    5. I read Yurara back during my manga craze. It was a pretty good manga, not as good as some other manga's I read, but overall enjoyable. I had a huge crush on Yako (he was hot). I also enjoyed the sequel series Rasetsu better. I found Rasetsu to be more kind of heroine than Yurara and Yako fans got more Yako. Anyway if you like a supernatural love story with a love square than pick this one up. It's only 5 volumes so it's a quick manga read.

    6. 3.5 ⭐️This was definitely a solid beginning. I'm very interested in picking up the next one in the series.

    7. I finally finished reading this entire series, last night, after buying and storing it in my bookshelf for4 years. I'm saying this to illustrate that I'm older and more 'mature' than the first time I read this and my feelings have changed a bit. I'm reviewing all 5 books in this review.--------------------------------------------------------------------The heroine is Yurara, a girl who has a lot of spiritual power and can see ghosts, but requires a guardian spirit to keep her safe. She's kinda n [...]

    8. **Originally on Read-A-holicZ, here**This manga was SO different than anything I had read before. It had ghosts, LOVE, and some messed up guardian spirit. Which I LOVED! It had many things I liked PLUS the art was pretty good. =DYurara herself is a very timid girl and tries not to be noticed and has been seeing ghosts all her life, and when a spirit has a deep emotion, she feels it too.She also faces normal teen girl things like a popular girl that wants to do nothing but bully her WHOM doesn't [...]

    9. Bintang 3.Book 1 of 5.Tsukinowa Yurara, gadis SMU yg sedari kecil memiliki kekuatan roh dan dapat melihat arwah orang yg sudah meninggal. Yurara dpt merasakan perasaan para arwah tersebut. Sedih karena dapat memahami kesedihan para arwah tersebut, Yurara bertekad ingin menjadi bulan yg dapat menerangi mereka yg tersesat dalam kegelapan. Selama ini tanpa dapat melakukan apapun, Yurara hanya dapat melihat saja, sampai satu saatAwal permulaan tahun ajaran baru, Yurara sekelas dengan 2 orang pemuda [...]

    10. Don't get me wrong. I LIKED IT! I just think that there needs to be more chapters before I get a real feel for the series. I find it interesting that her spirit is what the guys are falling for, not herself. This, I hope, will be handled well enough to show which character truly falls for Yurara along the way of hunting down ghosts, and who only likes her spirit because she's "hot."Concerning the art, I actually like it a lot. It does have those cliche looks that are prevalent among shoujo, but [...]

    11. I picked up this book thinking it was the one on my recommended list. It is not, similar, but not. I liked it fine enough, and will probably look for more at the library. I found it intreguing, but I would honestly have to see how it develops to have a clearer opinion about the series. I found it to be similar to Descendants of Darkness in a couple of aspects. They both have a similar artistic style as well as solve paranormal mysteries. I hope it keeps my interst the way Descendants of Darkness [...]

    12. Yurara can see ghosts, and she quickly discovers that two boys in her class are also sensitive to spirits. Mei is a carefree flirt, and Yako is stiff and serious but they both look out for her. Things get confusing when Yurara suddenly begins transforming into the (taller, bolder, beautiful) form of her guardian spirit. Because when she's her ordinary self, Yurara loves Mei, but when transformed, Yurara is attracted to Yako. Two girls, two loves, one Yurara. Yep, it's a problem. Rereading becau [...]

    13. Ms. Chika Shiomi's manga series, Yurara, is a great read! It's not easy being a teenaged girl when you're able to see dead people. It becomes even more complicated when you're suddenly able to communicate with the ghosts that you see. And if that isn't enough, unexpectedly your body is taken over by a guardian spririt whenever you are in danger. Not everything is bad, however. The new school you attend has two teenaged boys who can also see the spirits of the dead! Too bad one of them seems to b [...]

    14. Yurara can see ghosts, on her first day of high school she notices a ghost in her seat. Two guys, Mei & Yako ward off the ghost, Yurara then realizes that they can see ghosts too. Mei & Yako are just funny, how Mei like to annoy the heck out of Yurara & when Yako tells stories he tries to scare her with pulling the curtains. It's so funny how Mei & Yako likes to play pranks on each other, especially when Mei forgets that he put Yako in the water & falls asleep in class.

    15. This is a fun shoujo paranormal manga. Good illustrations, a unique twist on the ever popular love triangle theme (a square in this case) and lots of ghosts! As someone who usually flips ahead to find the love scenes, I was shocked by how fast the story progressed in this volume: introduction of characters, some ghosts, and then boom--love and a pretty sweet Spiderman the movie-esque upside down kiss, oh and a good cliff hanger ending; I can't wait to read the next one.

    16. I can't say I loved this. I liked it, but not love. I've actually read the first three volumes, and I have to say that it does seem to get better further on. There is such a fucked-up (in a good way) love triangle in the later volumes. Like, it's insanely twisted. Crazy. But I like it. A lot. Still not love, though. I'll definitely continue this series, and I would reccomend it for anyone who likes the paranormal-type stuff.

    17. I have to say, I liked this one better than the last manga I read. Which I conveniently don't know the name of right now but anyways. I felt like I understood the story a lot better than the other one I read--OH I THINK it's called Sakura?--and it was more interesting in my opinion. I can't wait to read more!!

    18. Series Review: A very short and interesting manga Yurara is great for a quick read. The characters are funny and entertaining but the plot is unique but not very gripping. It focuses mainly on the love story. It actually is a prequel for the manga Rasetsu's Flower which is set in at a later time. Over all it is good for a quick read but not anything groundbreaking.

    19. Ghosts and romance. When Yurara enters high school, she doesn't think she'll make any friends because of her wierd ability to see ghosts. But, turns out there are to boys in her class who can also see and deal with ghosts.

    20. It got off to a slow start and one of the characters was so annoying to begin with it was hard to understand how he could become a love interest, but further into it the author decided to make him a more likable character. I look forward to more now that the plot is established.

    21. This is only my second manga series so don't judge it on my opinion.I thought it was poorly executed. Everything seemed to happen way too fast and it felt very choppy.I'll read the next one just in case it gets better but I will not expect much from it.

    22. This series I enjoyed reading. It is about a girl who can see ghosts. Two of her classmates both have powers one has the power of water and the other has power of fire that they can have the spirits go back to where they came.

    23. Another short manga series at 5 books. This series follows a girl with mysterious powers and 2 males with the similar powers who help spirits. Of course much more drama is thrown in here with love triangels and body snatching, but an interesting and fun read.

    24. About a girl who can see ghosts and the two guys she meets in high school who are able to fight them off. Kind of typical high school drama, plus ghosts (which I think makes any story better).

    25. [Series Length: 5 volumes / Read: volumes 1-5](Would you like me to post a short review of this series? Feel free to place a request in my GoodReads InBox. Thanks!)

    26. An interesting series discovered on my last trip to the library. I like the main character, but the two sidekicks are a little annoying. Perhaps they will mellow as the storyline progresses.

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