Black Bird, Vol. 09

Black Bird Vol He loves her blood but does her love her Reads R to L Japanese Style for audiences T Misao and Kyo finally go all the way and Misao can t regret the new levels of intimacy even though all the oth

  • Title: Black Bird, Vol. 09
  • Author: Kanoko Sakurakouji
  • ISBN: 9781421537740
  • Page: 455
  • Format: Paperback
  • He loves her blood, but does her love her Reads R to L Japanese Style , for audiences T Misao and Kyo finally go all the way, and Misao can t regret the new levels of intimacy, even though all the other demons seem to be able to tell that they are now lovers But does Kyo feel the same way Instead of bringing them closer, their new status seems to make him turn away fHe loves her blood, but does her love her Reads R to L Japanese Style , for audiences T Misao and Kyo finally go all the way, and Misao can t regret the new levels of intimacy, even though all the other demons seem to be able to tell that they are now lovers But does Kyo feel the same way Instead of bringing them closer, their new status seems to make him turn away from Misao Is that just the nature of guys, be they human or demon Or is there something darker behind Kyo s sudden lack of warmth

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    1 thought on “Black Bird, Vol. 09”

    1. After the excellent build up of the entire series up to this point it felt sort of anti-climatic and nothing gets really answered.

    2. Black Bird volume 9 by Kanoko Sakurakouji5 starsDear Kyo, Why were you a jerk for most this volume? I shall forgive you, but don’t give Misao the cold shoulder after you two have finally done the dead. I hate guys like that, don’t be like that. Since you are insanely awesome and bring out the fangirl in me, I’ll let you slide. Sincerely,MeThey finally did it and now they are considered marry by demon law or something like that. Why is everyone always trying to break them up and eat Misao, [...]

    3. It was slightly disappointing, but some interesting twists with the returning dad and new clan rumblings. The Little Black Bird stories were cute and honestly the highlight of the book.

    4. Opinión completa---bit/2z4al4J¿Te gustan los Mangas?---bit/2oSbJo2En el tomo anterior tuvimos mucha acción pues un extraño chico llamado Raikoh quien tiene mucho odio y rencor a los Yokai y no entiende como Misao siendo humana puede amar a uno, llegó a tratar de exorcizar a Kyo logrando herirlo gravemente en el proceso, la única forma de salvarlo es que la pareja por fin consumara su amor y tuvieran relaciones sexuales, momento en que la energía que Misao tiene en su interior en calidad d [...]

    5. Oh boy, I got a bit depressed again with Misao's situation >< it was understandable (I put myself in her shoes of how it would feel as people were getting hurt because of ones existence) but that brought me down to a dark space, because I think I would feel the same way, and possible do as she did (sadness ;( ) My only complaint would be when Kyo fake threatened to rape her- Misao already is emotional (cries a lot XD) and can't seem to stick up for herself - but even in the situation they [...]

    6. Jumping right back in where volume 8 left off, we get the morning after, with all the awkwardness you'd expect. The tengu clan immediately starts requesting her blood, as they believe they're entitled to because the clan "owns" her now. Kyo shuts it down hard and fast, as he should. The rival clans know that Misao is Kyo's weakness and start having minor demons possess humans and creating havok, which in turn also messes with Misao mentally. Kyo's dad makes an appearance toward the end of the vo [...]

    7. The main body of this volume is disappointingly short - We deal with the aftermath of Misao and Kyo becoming lovers - as well as the usual teen human angst of their uncertain feelings, we have the paranormal element - the foreboding of doom in the future as well as more immediate concerns such as fanatic Raikoh's reaction and Misao still being a demon magnet, now for the Tengu clan as well as other clans. The highlight of this though is the bonus story expanding on the background of Kyo and the [...]

    8. This is both cute and pulls at your heart at the same time. I wish some (a lot) parts were in Kyo's point of view so that it would overall make more sense.

    9. After talking about it for eight volumes, Misao and Kyo finally do the deed in order to save Kyo's life, as he was cursed by Raikoh, who pretty much seems to just want Misao for himself (and of course hates all demons because of what they did to him in the past - nothing changed there). It was a bit anti-climatic. And then Kyo blows her off afterwards, typical guy, saying he doesn't want to be tempted anymore. All the other demons still wants to eat her for more power, and Kyo gets ridiculously [...]

    10. 07 February 2013In the entire series, Kyo has been demanding that Misao become his bride so that the other demons will leave her alone once she is his. After the ending of the last volume, I believed the plot would venture onto something else, something deeper. Nay, Black Bird, Volume 9 opens up with Kyo claiming her virginity has no effect on her power so demons will still come for her. *face palms*I'm not sure if this series is getting bland or that I'm reading too many volumes back-to-back an [...]

    11. 'Misao is the bride of prophecy whose blood gives power to the demon who claims her. But most demons want to keep her power for themselves - by eating her! Now Misao is just trying to stay alive'In the aftermath of the events of last volume, Kyo's attitude towards Misao seems to have change. She is worried his feelings for her may have changed. This volume also contains the introduction of Kyo's father, but not much is known about him yet. As well, there are fears of a traitor in their midst! :o [...]

    12. Kyo and Misao have finally slept together, in order for Kyo to gain the strength to break a deadly curse placed upon him by Raikoh. Now, they have to face the aftermath, as they're not sure what will happen to Misao now that she's been taken as Kyo's bride.Embarrassingly for Miaka, the other demon clans know this automatically (apparently - they wake up to a messenger sent by the Kitsune clan bearing a congratulatory gift). That doesn't mean they've given up, however. A series of attacks appear [...]


    14. Shockingly enough, I felt really bad for Misao in this volume. I tend to get super irritated when it comes to that crazy emo that she was sportin', but perhaps because I like her I felt sad.I never really know what to expect with each volume of this series, and I love that. And lately I have just been LOVING the chapter illustrations!! This was my favorite one from this volume:Also, I really want the triplets to be my own children! XD Just Saiyan.I'm going to be really bummed out when I finished [...]

    15. I think this book is good because you never know what is going to happen next. In this book Misao and Kyo have a weird relationship with each other. When they are together they always fight but they love each other. When they are apart they want to get back together. To me this is crazy because when you are with someone you love you don't fight you are suppose to enjoy the time you guys spend together. When a two guys were taken over by a demon they went after Misao. I got scared but then Kyo ca [...]

    16. Oh my goodness this was such a great installment, the weird thing though is that is was the bonus chapters that revolved around Jiro, Taro, and Sabaru that really made this volume amazing. Such a great telling of their time before Kyo became leader, and their relationship as brothers. Every page just made me go AWWWWWWWW!!!!Seriously though, just so cute. The main part of the volume was also really good. The drama has really picked up and the consequences are becoming real and bloody. The story [...]

    17. I was kind of wondering how much story would be left after they had sex. Don’t get me wrong, I know there’s more to the story than them having sex, but it seemed like so much hinged on their consummation. Like most teenagers losing their virginity, Misao gets clingy. Her emotions are all jumbled. She feels like everything should be different. They kind of are, but it’s because there are new threats in place.Read more at Owl Tell You About It.

    18. This is one of my favourite supernatural shōjo mangas! Misao sees somethings that other people can't, and if they could, they would be scared to death! Normally, the monsters would do small harmless things, such as pull her hair or jump on her bac. But on her sixteenth birthday, the creatures take it farther by trying to kill her, as her blood gave improve their lives.However, luckily she's saved by a lost childhood friend who has returned. His name is Kyo Usui, but he has a dark secret too. He [...]

    19. This volume was just alright for me. It's continuing on with Misao and Kyo's relationship and their conflicts. Nothing is really answered, but new problems from rival clans are brought up. I personally wish Misao would grow more as an endearing character like some heroines do. So far Misao still seems to be too whiny and needy. I hope she steps up eventually to show more courage to the situation. I did enjoy the triplet's story about how Taro became Kyo's apprentice (from his brother Jiro's pers [...]

    20. Soooooooooo, that just happened.I honestly don't know what I'm feeling right now. That was so KYO WAS SO GODDAMN BORDERLINE BIPOLAR THAT I HAD NO IDEA WHAT WAS REAL AND WHAT WAS NOT!!!The last quarter of the book I was just like:Eh??? S:{/Hopefully #10 will clear up all this stuff going on. :)[Note: Update: Okay, just realised I somehow read 8 and 9 together thinking it was the same book I don't even know. Thinking about it is making my brain hurt so off to read 10!!]

    21. Now that Misao and Kyo have consummated their marriage, Kyo is trying his hardest to never give it to her again by fear of what terrible thing might eventually befall her. However, his cold attitude is making Misao feel dejected and alone, she wants to be held by him, she wants to kiss him.Now Misao must make a choice, take the side of the humans and leave the Tengu forever or take the side of the demons by leaving her past life and invest in her life with the Tengu?

    22. Misao and Kyo finally did "it"! Misao thought that once they did it they would grow closer together and more intimate but all their physical intimacy didn't change the gap that was growing between them.And Yoh, Kyo and Sho's father showed up bringing more secrets and surprises to Misao's life with her demon prince.

    23. I hunkered down in the library and blew right through this volume in 30-45 minutes, figured I'd save myself the embarrassment of checking it out. Although, I'm sure the librarians already suspect me of my wild tastes, whats a manga with a half naked man on it going to do? ;)I wasn't all that impressed with this volume. I want to see a new plot taken shape, not this same old problem Kanoko has been hammering away at for the past six volumes.

    24. As I've said in previous reviews of this series this is one where young adults, or anyone for matter, should base their good relationship values or skills. None the less, the power dynamic between these two lover protagonist is so enjoyable. So adorable, touching, yet oh so wrong. Wrong in the sense that I would not one anyone date a Kyo in IRL. But still would be envious.

    25. Series Review: This series doesn't look like much in the beginning but trust me it soon shows it's true potential. This manga is gripping and thrilling while never losing its romantic side. As always manga is rated for a reason and this is really for older teens and up due to some semi graphic content, however I really recommend giving this manga a try!

    26. This is a good manga, while most of the themes and characters annoyed me at times, I still read on. It's powerful in its own way, whether or not I enjoyed the romance. Most of it improbable, but it is a fantasy that escapes ordinariness. I like the blood and gore and the fight for being head of the clan. There is emotion and raw feelings. I can see why it's popular.

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