Mal and Chad: The Biggest, Bestest Time Ever!

Mal and Chad The Biggest Bestest Time Ever In the tradition of Calvin and Hobbes MAL AND CHAD is a funny comic strip graphic novel that makes a perfect first chapter book Mal is a super kid genius and Chad is a talking dog but no one knows i

  • Title: Mal and Chad: The Biggest, Bestest Time Ever!
  • Author: Stephen McCranie
  • ISBN: 9780399252211
  • Page: 404
  • Format: Paperback
  • In the tradition of Calvin and Hobbes, MAL AND CHAD is a funny comic strip graphic novel that makes a perfect first chapter book Mal is a super kid genius and Chad is a talking dog, but no one knows it What s it like to be so extraordinary and yet so invisible Not even Megan, Mal s secret crush, has any idea that Mal is anything than a dork Fortunately, Mal and ChaIn the tradition of Calvin and Hobbes, MAL AND CHAD is a funny comic strip graphic novel that makes a perfect first chapter book Mal is a super kid genius and Chad is a talking dog, but no one knows it What s it like to be so extraordinary and yet so invisible Not even Megan, Mal s secret crush, has any idea that Mal is anything than a dork Fortunately, Mal and Chad are best friends with a penchant for adventure even if the time traveling does get them grounded by Mal s mom Introducing the first in a series of illustrated chapter books by talented newcomer Stephen McCranie that are laugh inducing, clever, and full of heart Give this to any kid who s a reluctant reader or is just leaving picture books and be prepared to answer the question When can I read the next one

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    1. A genius boy and his talking dog   Mal is a child genius and Chad is a talking dog. Mal pretends to be just a normal kid so he can stay in grade school, either because he doesn’t want to grow up too fast or because he has a crush on Megan (a girl in his class). Mal and Chad do everything together from scuba diving in the kitchen sink to traveling back in time to the age of the dinosaurs. The story is fun and filled with mayhem and adventure. The drawings are simple and in black and white. Th [...]

    2. Mal and his talking dog Chad have a lot of zany adventures because Mal is a genius and can construct and fix crazy contraptions (rockets, time machines, people and dog shrinkers) in the blink of an eye (or, at least, off-screen in a way that makes it seem like he snaps his fingers and time machines just assemble themselves out of thin air because of his genius.) Basically, McCranie doesn't even try to make the premise believable or realistic, even within the world of the story. We have a boy and [...]

    3. Stephen McCranien "Mal and Chad: The Biggest, Bestest Time Ever" (Philomel, 2011) on varsin mukava tuttavuus lasten- ja nuortensarjakuvan kääntämättömiltä korpimailta. Sarjakuva kertoo huippuälykkäästä Mal-pojasta, joka voisi olla vähän niin kuin Phineasin ja Ferbin serkku tai Lassi, jonka mielikuvitusleikit ovatkin totisinta totta, sekä hänen puhuvasta koirastaan. Nokkeluuttaan muulta maailmalta salaava Mal pystyy keksimään vähän kaikenlaista, avaruusraketista aikakoneeseen as [...]

    4. This is a cartoon book about the trials and tribualtions experienced by a boy and his dog. Think Charlie Brown meets Calvin and Hobbes with some Dexter's laboratory thrown in for good measure. It is cute and fun, took about 20 minutes to read. The art is good (to my untrained eye). I'm not hip enough to read "Manga". In my early forties I may be a tad older than the target audience for this book, so I will give it to my sons and get their "read" on it. From my perspective it was competent but de [...]

    5. Tämä ihastuttava lasten sarjakuvaromaani on Malin ja Chadin seikkailuiden ensimmäinen. Mal on lapsinero, joka keksii kaikenlaisia laitteita, kuten esimerkiksi hissiin tehdyn aikakoneen. Chad on älykäs koira, joka osaa kaikenlaista, mm. puhua. Malin suurin heikkous on eräs ihana tyttö koulussa. Sen takia Mal ei voi kertoa kenellekään, että on niin älykäs, jotta saisi olla samassa koulussa ihastuksensa kanssa. Muutenhan Mal joutuisi yliopistoon. Kun lehdessä on juttu naisesta, joka l [...]

    6. Cross posted from LibraryThingImagine "Dexter's Laboratory," "Jimmy Neutron," and a dash of "Calvin & Hobbes" and you've got a pretty good idea of what "Mal and Chad" is like. And please don't take that as me saying that Stephen has co-opted these other guys for his own, no noMal and Chad is unique in it's own way. Mal and Chad started off as a webcomic and sadly Stephen is no longer continuing it. The good news though? You can still read the archives and he's working on the next book in the [...]

    7. We all dream of power that we don’t have, power to affect our circumstances and interactions, particularly the least powerful of us all: the young, whose every circumstance tends to be dictated to them by adults. Sometimes these fantasies are of being a physically imposing fighter, having a laser gun, wielding magic, or any number of other things. Through Mal, we dream of power as a young genius who can invent anything. Unfortunately, Mal knows his intellect and inventions are so incredible th [...]

    8. I just finished the graphic novel Mal and Chad: The Biggest, Bestest Time Ever it had some action and alot of drama. Chad is a talking dog and Mal is a math genious kid that invents stuff. This book is full of description, in one part it described about what Mal and Chad's life was about and what they liked to do. Mal and Chad liked to make all types of inventions. One part Mal and Chad made a rocket ship to go up to outer space. But they did not have a cone for the top. They liked to go into th [...]

    9. This book is pure fun. I had found the Mal and Chad comic when it was in its webcomic form a couple years ago. I enjoyed the funny and whimsical adventures of the boy genius Mal and his dog, Chad, who Mal taught to be able to talk human language. No doubt anyone who reads it will get a bit of a parallel to Calvin and Hobbes, but there is more than enough different to make this worth a reading. It may be too kiddy for some, too short for others, but it is a fun little book that has some thoughtfu [...]

    10. Having a boy genius for a main character is a popular topic in children's and YA books and media. Mal and Chad is hilarious addition to the canon of this sci-fi subgenre. It reminded me a lot of Johnny Quest, except instead of Johnny's twin genius sister's, the main character is the genius--there's also a talking dog. This graphic novel is one that will have readers laughing out loud. There's also plenty of action and acventure. This series will be especially good to recommend for middle grade b [...]

    11. Totally cute. Boy and his dog go on time-travel, shrinking, and jet pack adventures. In between, boy has crushes, gets in trouble, and deals with bullies. Whether his adventures are totally in his imagination or not is more-or-less left up to the reader. And really, it doesn't matter.I think there's only one thing I'd change about this - I want it in color.Definitely reminiscent of Calvin and Hobbes, but less philosophical.

    12. A very fun and interesting graphic. I was intrigued by the fact that The boy genius doesn't want anyone to know of his immense brain power because he'd rather not deal with the adult world of responsibilities and boredom just yet. That's a refreshing idea to give kids - have fun and don't be so quick to grow up. I have a group of struggling middle school readers who will love to read these adventures with out feeling like they are being subjected to "baby books".

    13. An adorable talking dog, crazy inventions, and a jaunt back into the past to see some dinosaurs. What's not to love?

    14. Title: Mal and Chad- The Biggest, Bestest Time Ever!Author: Stephen McCranieIllustrator: Stephen McCranieGenre: Graphic novelTheme: Science, friendshipOpening Line/Sentence: What are you making?Brief Book Summary: Mal and his dog Chad go on adventures together. Mal shrunk himself and his dog so they could go deep sea exploring in their kitchen sink and built a time machine which transported them to the time of the dinosaurs. All the while, Mal is trying to get a girl at school to like him and fi [...]

    15. I thought this was a great book! The pictures were very detailed, and the story made the reader get pulled into the book. It was so good, that I read it in one night! I didn't want to stop reading because the story was very interesting. Its cool how the author wrote the story like this because it is the exact thoughts kids would think when they are in the position the character is in. This book made me feel very exited, and adventurous. Pictures and a dog that can talk? Top it all off with a kid [...]

    16. Lapsinero Mal ja hänen koiransa Chad joutuvat eeppisiin seikkailuihin Malin keksiessä mitä mielikuvituksellisempia laitteita aikakoneesta avaruusrakettiin. Pisteitä pois huumorintajuttomasta mutsista, joka pieksää keskijäneron, jos hän saapuu päivälliselle likaisena ja myöhässä, sekä aavistuksen jäykästä piirrostyylistä. Olisin kaivannut rasteria ja harmaan sävyjä pehmentämään kuvien kontrastia.

    17. 3.5 stars. Think Calvin & Hobbes meets Dexter's Laboratory. Mal (short for Malcom) is a brainiac who can build rocket-packs from his backpack and turn old elevators into time machines, but no one knows he's a child genius except for his best bud, Chad. In The Biggest, Bestest Time Ever!, Mal and Chad get up to some shenanigans that send them back in time to the age of dinosaurs. There's a school bully Mal has to contend with, and a childhood crush, and loving if somewhat strict mother who ke [...]

    18. This graphic novel focuses on Mal, a secretly smart inventor, and his best friend Chad, his talking dog. Enjoy time travel, hi-jinks, and some pretty cool inventions.

    19. Title: Mal and Chad: The Biggest, Bestest Time Ever!Author/Illustrator: Stephen McCranieGenre: Graphic NovelTheme(s): Friendship, Bravery, AdventureOpening line/sentence: What are you making?I’m putting the final adjustments on my jet pack backpack.Why do you need a jet pack?Brief Book Summary: Mal is a kid genius accompanied by his talking dog, Chad. The task of writing an essay about what Mal wants to be when he grows up prompts the entertaining pair to travel back in time to the dinosaur ag [...]

    20. This is a fun comic. It's got a little "Calvin & Hobbes" feel to it, but Mal seems to have a kinder heart and more positive attitude than Calvin. He's a genius who pretends to be a normal kid, so he's always making inventions but having to hide them. There's a lot of silly action and childlike perspectives going around. Even though he's a genius, Mal's still a kid. He's science-smart, but not so street-smart. I'd recommend this to people of all ages.

    21. Meet Mal. He's the cutest boy genius ever!Meet Chad. He's the funniest doggy companion ever!Meet Stephen McCranie. He's the bestest graphic novelist ever!Mal and Chad: The Biggest, Bestest Time Ever is a graphic novel that needs to be added to your TBR pile if you have not yet read it. Mal, cutest boy genius ever, needs to write an essay about what he wants to be when he grows up, and he has two days to complete it. Chad, funniest doggy companion ever, tries to suggest ideas to Mal.First, Chad s [...]

    22. Brilliant! For a 3rd-grade level graphic novel, this will be very hard to beat!Visually effective, action-packed, and well-paced black & white sequential art highlight the artistic skill of Stephen McCranie as he weaves together a multifaceted episodic plot-line that all comes gloriously together in the touching & profound conclusion (at least, it's profound for a 3rd grade-level book) of this beginning Mal & Chad adventure.Several Laugh Out Loud jokes & plot-twists, combined wit [...]

    23. SUMMARY-This book is about a boy named mal and a dog named chad. In this book mal and chad made a machine and they go back to the dinasor age. but before that had to do some chores. So mal and chad made a vacum that could suck them up in it and turn them really small after it turned them small, they got out and started playing in the sink. Then later that day mad and chal made a time machine and went back to the dinasor age and ran into a big dinasor. Then that dinasor chased them all the way ba [...]

    24. well i think this book is very interesting and fun. the book is all about a boy named Mal (genius but doesnt show it in school) and a dog named Chad (talking dog that likes to have adventures with Mal. there is also a girl named Megan ( Mal's crush) and a boy named Zachary (thinks he really smart).They go on an adventure to help Mal do his homework which is to find out what he wants to be when he grows up and then Mal and Chad built a time-machine to go to the year of the dinosaurs. Then the get [...]

    25. Mal and Chad by Stephen McCranie is a graphic novel for children following the lives of a boy genius and his talking dog. On the surface, the child is like any other student with problems at school, his first crush on a girl, and chores at home. However he's also building a time machine and rocket ship so his life is anything but normal. This fast-paced book is perfect for reluctant readers.[return][return]Elementary-aged children will be drawn in by the simple line drawings and goofy situations [...]

    26. Mal is a young boy who happens to be a genius. He's so smart he's invented a way to enable his dog, Chad, to communicate with him. These two go on adventures involving dinosaurs, pretty girls, geeky pseudo-bullies and a mother that is intolerant of Mal's extreme escapades.While I prefer color graphic novels, the artwork for Mal and Chad is nicely done, and fully appropriate for the story. It won't take kids too long to figure out Mal and Chad's story, and then they are free to fully enjoy everyt [...]

    27. I enjoyed reading this graphic novel. You can't help but love the dynamic of Mal and Chad. Mal is a super genius, but he pretends to be dumb in order to live a regular life being a kid. Chad is his best friend. They get into trouble together but they also help each other whenever needed. Mal is trying to figure out what he wants to be when he grows up, and so he uses his inventions to help him decide if that is something he is interested in. Mal goes deep sea diving in the kitchen sink after shr [...]

    28. What a fantastic book! Author Stephen McCranie brilliantly captures the highs and lows of being a 4th grade boy genius. Mal and his beloved talking dog Chad have some excellent adventures together. These adventures range from time-travel, baby dinosaur befriending, sink scuba diving, and more!As a fourth grade teacher I heard about this book from another teacher, and then knew I HAD to read it after one of my reluctant readers enthusiastically recommended it to me! I'm hooked, off to go buy the [...]

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