Dengeki Daisy, Vol. 05

Dengeki Daisy Vol While trying to uncover who the fake Daisy is Kurosaki gets injured protecting Teru from an attack The near fatal incident leaves Teru shaken and she vows to stay close to Kurosaki But is proximity

  • Title: Dengeki Daisy, Vol. 05
  • Author: Kyousuke Motomi
  • ISBN: 9781421537399
  • Page: 317
  • Format: Paperback
  • While trying to uncover who the fake Daisy is, Kurosaki gets injured protecting Teru from an attack The near fatal incident leaves Teru shaken, and she vows to stay close to Kurosaki But is proximity just going to hurt them both with the truth still veiled

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    1 thought on “Dengeki Daisy, Vol. 05”

    1. I have nothing new to say about how much I love this series, so enjoy these sexy pictures of Kurosaki XDUNN! So hot! What a stud! This look could killor you know, make my clothes disintegrate XD!!!!!!!! I'm putting this one up simply because I like it :-p Also, Riko is my hero! LOL!

    2. I'm really noticing how excellent the art is at conveying movement. A lot of the time romance mangas don't get the same range of body motion in the art, because reactions aren't as physical. But in Dengeki, the moments of sudden movement have a very similar feeling as a well drawn action/adventure manga. It really is amazing how easy it is to imagine these characters moving around and interacting with each other. I like the direction the plot is moving in, although a specific scene does get used [...]

    3. My Thoughts:Things are kicking up in this volume. There are characters who really don't seem to be who they say they are. Ms. Mori especially isn't nearly the idiot that she makes herself out to be. What game is that woman playing?Kurosaki still seems unable to move forward with what he wants to happen with Teru. He seems to know that Teru knows about him, but he still hasn't confronted her, yet.Teru experiences some guilt over people getting hurt because of whatever is going on with people tryi [...]

    4. This volume was kinda bleh. I just wish they would tell one another how they feel already. I feel like this series kinda drags on and on.

    5. I'm starting to get bored with the technical espionage portion of the plot. I hope it picks up in the next volume.

    6. Slowly working my way through the seriesLast book, Kurosaki was injured saving Teru after someone tried to drop a desk on her from one of the upper stories of the school. Cue more investigating into the mystery group who has been causing trouble lately. Also more UST between Teru and Kurosaki.Also, the introduction of a new villain in the group - a mystery boy in a dark hoodie has been buying e-mail addresses from hackers.The daisy group investigate Mr. Arai, the old school computer teacher (fir [...]

    7. Love how we are revealed things very smoothly though what happens plot wise. It isn't clumsy or contrived. I love how they have to read each other by what they don't say. Teru and Daisy are just real and yet so good together in a broken sort of way.Love that we finally have a moment where he admits his feelings toward Teru. We've not had that before now! Also the story is so expertly woven together! We get Teru's feelings of guilt coming together to heal Kurosaki's feelings, at least somewhat th [...]

    8. More reviews at Rondo of a Possible World: YA Book ReviewsDengeki Daisy is a favorite of mine for not only for its beautiful artistic characters but also for the romance that just tantalized me through and through but also for the tight-knit relations that the characters have. Through a darkened past, they all stick close to each other because they are more of a family. That is what I find beautiful about this manga.Definitely something Shojo fans should look into. You'll fall for the characters [...]

    9. Things are getting messier and messier and everyone's trying to find out who that dastardly fake Daisy is! When someone asks Teru to give them Daisy's name or e-mail address because she's being threatened and Teru refuses, that person gets hurt and Teru feels horribly guilty--but not for the reason you might think. We also find out a little more of Kurosaki and Soichiro's story and what it is that Kurosaki is hanging onto. As always, I'm looking forward to the next volume!

    10. Wah! Why can't this one come out faster! The one thing this volume did was make me believe that almost anyone can have ulterior motives, and everyone is to be held suspect. I do have a nasty suspicion about the fake Daisy

    11. Skipped reading for a couple of days since I wanted to finish another series. A lot of action and sketchy stuff goes down in this one and I am super stoked to see how this app pans out!

    12. Really like the love between Daisy (Kurosaki) and Teru There are lots of times though where their relationship is a trudge to get through ?Though they make it up with not making the same cliche blunders like "I don't think I deserve you" or the classic "I'm going to leave you because I'M deciding that that's what's best. Thanks Kyousuke Motomi for giving me a couple that actually cares enough about one another to have a genuinely beautiful relationship that does not frustrate me!

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    14. Keadaan semakin gawat sejak Kurosaki terluka parah karena melindungi Teru. Perasaan bersalah semakin bersalah ketika Ibu Mori juga menjadi korban penusukan. Sayangnya, upaya penangkapan pelaku lagi-lagi hanya mendatangkan sosok yang hanya diperalat. Nama Pak Arai, yang di volume 1, kembali muncul sebagai sasaran tersangka.Di sisi lain, hubungan Teru dan Kurosaki menjadi semakin dekat dengan Kurosaki yang semakin melindungi Teru. Well, walaupun cerita menjadi lebih serius, saya masih dibuat terta [...]

    15. Nem tudom mást írni, mint amit eddig is. Imádom. A történet, a karakterek, a cselekmény egyszerűen tökéletes.Imádom Kuroksaki-t, és hogy mindig csak azt teszi, ami Teru-nak a legjobb. Imádom, hogy Teru mindig ír Daisy-nek üzeneteket, pedig már tudja, hogy Daisy és Kurosaki egy és ugyanaz a személy. És egyre közelebb kerülnek egymáshoz. *.*Imádom a flashback-eket, és hogy Teru bátyja is fel-feltűnik.De azt nem szeretem, hogy még mindig a sötétben tapogatózok, hogy mi [...]

    16. Let me tell you. This series, I'd just read volume 16 (months ago). Yes, the last one. Then I found this volume on supersale, then I read it, then need to hold myself to not gather all the volumes because the 5th is on supersale already. I couldn't find the 1-4 (well, maybe could, but probably better this way).So, yeah, let's just say, I read 16th, then 5th, the end. =))It's a good series, I can tell. I love Motomi's works. She made (maybe still) the absurd to be cool. This one isn't absurd (no [...]

    17. Esta mejor que el tomo n°4 pero siempre voy a tener mis dudas; QUE CARAJOS HIZO TAN GRAVE DAISY QUE NO PUEDE CONFESARLE TODA LA VERDAD A TERU??Joder, desde el primer tomo, trato y trato y trato de ver si me dan pista pero NADA. Lo único que podemos ver es que reaparece - aunque solo en 2 paginas - una de la primeras personas, la cual hizo su debud por primera vez Daisy en cuanto a su trabajo de Hacker. Y que al parecer podria estar siendo controlado por alguien mas- que por cierto, tiene un pe [...]

    18. La lettura comincia ad essere più lunga del previsto. Non ha ancora capito perché mi servano così tanti giorni per un semplice manga.OK, forse Teru non è il mio ideale di personaggio femminile. Purtroppo non ho passione per le schiavette che appena uno gli ordina qualcosa si danno da fare per accontentarlo.Che poi, tutto questo hacking. L'autrice lo utilizza come se fosse una bacchetta magica per risolvere i problemi.Sigh! Non sono neanche a metà.

    19. Kurosaki's recuperating after the injury and everyone's trying to solve the fake DAISY mystery. Teru's feeling guilty and is kind of hard on herself, especially for an incident with the manipulating infirmary teacher (who I really dislike).Kurosaki knows that Teru knows that he's DAISY, but he doesn't want her to know that he knows and it's complicated all over!Nothing much really happens in this volume and I hope the next one picks up speed and some mysteries get solved.

    20. Another great book in a great series. There are twists and turns around every corner and not everyone is who they seem to be. I absolutely love this series. The relationship between Teru and Kurosaki is becoming more complex and interesting as well. I can't wait to see how it develops in further volumes. I love how loving and protective Kurosaki is when it comes to Teru. Every girl wants a guy who loves them like that.So excited to read the next volume!

    21. So this is the volume when we learn that Kurosaki knows that Teru knows that he's Daisy. So, basically they both know he's the hacker who's been protecting her since her brother died, and both of them are still pretending to keep the secret. In any other manga this would have elicited an eyeroll and a toss across the room, but I can't not love this book. The characters, the just bring so much awesome!

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