For Keeps

For Keeps Her first six months of motherhood included an ant infestation a major move house renovation and lessons in how to be a mom to eight lively children Now that the house is nearly complete her child

  • Title: For Keeps
  • Author: Chautona Havig
  • ISBN: 9781453811856
  • Page: 230
  • Format: Paperback
  • Her first six months of motherhood included an ant infestation, a major move, house renovation, and lessons in how to be a mom to eight lively children Now that the house is nearly complete, her children are headed back to school, and she has a few tantrums under her hymn singing belt, Aggie is certain life will settle down Poor Aggie William makes his intentions knHer first six months of motherhood included an ant infestation, a major move, house renovation, and lessons in how to be a mom to eight lively children Now that the house is nearly complete, her children are headed back to school, and she has a few tantrums under her hymn singing belt, Aggie is certain life will settle down Poor Aggie William makes his intentions known, Luke and his mother are always there for her, and between a new kitten, a box full of puppies, and chicken pox, Aggie s home begins to resemble the local zoo Her children keep testing the waters, the unrealistic budgets she makes refuse to balance, and she learns that life with children means that nothing stays done and perfect for long Add Geraldine and her histrionics to the mix and it s no wonder she s ready to run away from home When a surprise letter arrives, everything could turn upside down Relief is in sight, but can she bring herself to jump to plan B Has this just been a practice game, or is she playing for keeps Will her household shrink drastically, or will it expand

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    1 thought on “For Keeps”

    1. Well, apparently I liked this book since I read it in one day - basically in one sitting. =)As I mentioned in my review of the last book, this series can be a bit hard to get into because there are a LOT of characters to try and keep track of. Eventually I just gave up on trying to keep track of them, and overtime I kinda got the picture. This book had a lot more romance in it than the first book, but it wasn't the annoying kind of romance at all, so yay! Like, really: A big YAY for that! I didn [...]

    2. After finishing Ready or Not, I had to read this second book in the series. Aggie’s struggles in learning to be a homeschooler and her fight against chicken pox were rather amusing to read about. The romance (very clean romance, but definitely romance) was fun to watch as well.

    3. Age Appropriate For: 13 and up for mild romance, reading levelBest for Ages: 13 and upIt took me long enough to read the second book in the Aggie’s Inheritance series, but I am so glad I finally made the time for it. It was even better than the first book.Watching as Aggie deals with school and chicken pox, as well as her own romantic life, was so enjoyable. Yes, at times the story can seem a bit slow or Aggie’s whining becomes a bit much, but it was still wonderful. As the romance develops, [...]

    4. I totally enjoyed reading this second Installment of Aggie's inheritence. The kids are all great fun and Williams bumbling and complete inability to speak to a woman is funny. Luke on the other hand is every womans dream! I cant wait to read the third book. I do have to say that the ending of this book was a true tear jerker!

    5. Havig's fun writing tone was still present in book two, but I thought she should have kept the focus of the story on Aggie's parenting, with the romance being a secondary story. I also agree with another reviewer that the main characters' insecurities get a little old. (Grade: "B-".)

    6. I liked this series. I think some of the storyline can be over the top, but overall, i would read it again.

    7. This book was similar to the first one written in a play like genere. Not too crazy about reading a book like that.However Chatouna has still kept the family fun in there. Even though Aggie does complain a lot I still admire her ability to take on someone else's children and then turns around to have one of her own. This is where we meet Ian. Ian is a cute little boy. I love him a lotI would love to have a big family like that. My son is fifth generation of only children. Even though there is no [...]

    8. Interesting this book shed some light on some of the whys of the first book. I was kind of weirded out by the portrayals of these 20-somethings in ways that just didn't jive with my understanding of how people that age operate and then in the course of some of the (many) arguments in the story, there were enough cultural cues to realize that we weren't just dealing with our standard Christian subculture, but another level of subculture entirely. Anyhow, that made everything fall in place for me. [...]

    9. Another not to be delayed awesome novelAnother not to be delayed awesome Aggie novel by Chautona Havig!!Aggie's and the children's lives are more cemented and settled as they move toward the 9 month mark. The go through the chicken "box" epidemic, the home schooling challenges, the budding relationship between Aggie and William still is stuck in his ways of what he thinks is right and his belief that Aggie needs and must have a stable mammon the house to help her, among his many solutions and c [...]

    10. I grew so attached to Aggie and her clan during this book! I enjoyed seeing her evolve as a "mother" of eight.Aggie's emotions seemed a bit too close to the surface. I could understand why, after all she'd been through, but her overboard "I can't do this" reaction became slightly annoying (though I still thought she was amazing, overall). (view spoiler)[ Luke vs. William wasn't even an issue - I just laughed at the pity proposal. Poor William! He thought he was doing the gallant thing. Luke was [...]

    11. A song on her lipsSaves eight.okay, I was going for the "stitch in time saves nine". I know. Aggie soldiers on, living through illnesses and unwanted attention as well as the half crazed grandmother in law. Lots of contrast between her two wannabe male friends, neither of which are convincing Aggie to step boldly into the dating scene. This alternately delights and frustrates the family, and drives Aggie into hymn mode frequently. I love how the author uses instant messenger in the Aggie's Inher [...]

    12. This is the second book of the series. You should not jump into this without reading the first book. I became invested in this storyline when I read the first book of the series for free on my kindle. I have some quibbles with the series, but I still like it and want to know what happens in the characters' lives. I feel like this book was more religious than the first which annoyed me, to be honest. The characters made some choices and comments that I had difficulty relating with and sometimes w [...]

    13. The second in this trilogy, For Keeps continues the wonderful story of Aggie, the guardian of her sister's eight children, the two men in her life:William, who is trying to "save her" and Luke, whose feelings are growing beyond friendship. We forget that this an awfully young protaganist for someone saddled with all this responsibilty. She seems so mature until there's a scene where she's deciding what to wear, a normal scene for a recent college grad.The writing is what brings me back to Havig' [...]

    14. This is by far the most hilarious, thought -provoking, tear -inducing series of books I have ever read. I felt like another member of the family. I could picture each child, William, Libby, Luke, Aggie, Tina just like I was there. I felt every feeling Aggie did. It was completely realistic for a a Christian romance. A bit unrealistic for normal these days, but that is not necessarily a bad thing. Just a reflection on a societal downfall. For a romance novel and an escape it is perfect. I got to [...]

    15. Horrible book. Apparently you have to read the first one before you read this one, because it opens with a kitchen fight scene involving so many different characters, you're in a total muddle. Then it introduces a love interest that isn't interesting, and from there starts changing voices and writing styles/formats until you scream and click 'remove from device'. No well written book begins in the middle of pandemonium and neglects to explain or set the scene and introduce the characters. Bad wr [...]

    16. I thoroughly enjoyed Ready or Not, the first book in the Aggie’s Inheritance series, when I read it a good while ago, and have been saying for a long time that I’d sure like to read the other two books! I got my chance this week when I was given an gift card for Mother’s Day. No problem deciding what to use it for—I couldn’t wait to read For Keeps and learn more of Aggie’s story.Read my full review here.

    17. Great sequel!For Keeps picks right up where Ready or Not left off. I have to say it was just as great as its predecessor! I love love love the characters! I actually had a fleeting thought late one night to see if Aggie had a Facebook page.I had to remind myself she was a first fictional characterLOL! The point is that Aggie is the kind of person I would love to know. She is a breath of fresh air in the literary world. I do recommend this book!!! it is even appropriate for teensean with a lot of [...]

    18. I enjoyed reading the book. There were a few laughs, but not as many as the last book, however this book was a bit more suspenseful than the last one. I really could not put it down. I enjoyed the character development as well as the growth that everyone had throughout the book. I even enjoyed the little mishaps and the solutions to the problems. I gave this book four out of five start because, even though it was enjoyable, I was not completely in love with this book. I do recommend everyone ove [...]

    19. Great readGreat readMy only wish is that I had read the first book in the series before I read this one. It would have helped in understanding parts of what was happening. It isn't essential to have read the first book first but it would have helped. But I really liked this book and would read the rest of the series - but first read book one. The religious tone of the book was understated; it was definitely not "preachy." I definitely recommend this book. Good reading.

    20. This is book 2!!! Make sure to get "Ready or Not?" 1st or you'll be too confusedLoved it when I finally got the order right. Great story of innocent love in a modern world. Great Christian characters & advice for raising kids right! Highlighted a lot of that.Loved the romance. And it was so wholesome! No sex before marriage or even kissing! Need more of these types of books.Ended too soon, so running off to book 3!

    21. This was the 2nd book in a series, so when I started reading, I felt like I was missing a huge part of the story. It is defiantly not a stand alone book.Saying that, I thought this was a great story. Aggie really did have her hands full but she handled everything with class, p-mail and hymns. I loved the romance between Luke and Aggie. It was so sweet.Will I read this book again: Yes, but only if I read book 1 firstWill I reccomend this book to family and friends? Yes

    22. Full review on Faithfully Bookish faithfullybookishAggie's adventure continues! Aggie has to make a lot of decisions for her family and I so appreciate the way she isn't afraid to think outside of the box. She contemplates, analyzes, and seeks advice from friends and family. Aggie has several people who have stepped up to support and encourage her but my favorite character in this book is on the top of that list, Luke!

    23. I was uncertain about rating this book. I love the series and love Luke and Aggie and the children. But I got upset about the babling Aggie went through this book. And I really don't like the fact that Luke is almost perfect, never missed a cue, never made a mistake, was always there for Aggie. He is the perfect Prince Charming. In the other hand, William is weird. It needs some shade of grey. A lot of black and white. But it is a good, clean book and I'm looking forward to the next one.

    24. This continues the story of Aggie and her life with her nieces and nephews.Big events are remodeling their home, turning down a proposal of marriage from William and Luke declaring his love and staring to court Aggie.I love each character and how they interact with each other.We see God prominent throughout the book.I look forward to the next book in the series

    25. I could hardly put this book down. But I am tiring of Aggie's breakdowns and her insecurity - which, it turns out, is matched by Luke's. I got so tired of them attempting to read motives behind words and actions and thinking EVERY TIME that they weren't liked despite all evidence to the contrary. Taking a break from them both before I finish the trilolgy.

    26. Luke and Aggie are so sweet and I love that even with all the craziness they are able to hold on to each other and their faith to get to the happily ever after in this series!This is definitely a story that span all ages of reading. Perfect for teens as well as anyone else who enjoys reading a good love story without all of the explicit sex scenes.

    27. I'm glad that I got through the first book, so I could so enjoy this one. This one had me laughing out loud! I kept rooting for the protanganist to open her eyes and look around. It so reminds me that if you tried to force a situation, it will blow-up in your face, but if you stick-to-your-guns and do what you know is right, just look around and you will find what you really need.

    28. I enjoyed book two as a continuation of book one. Sometimes the similar struggles get a little old, but I realize that we all seem to struggle with the same thing over and over. I guess that makes this rather realistic. I am excited to read book three to see where the story takes the characters next.

    29. I really liked "For Keeps"a book with an inspiring message that family is what is most important. Loved the characters, especially Aggie and the children, and other assorted family and friends, in a whirlwind of chaotic moments that come with extended families. Lots of decisions and moments of frustration, romance, humor and faith that brings it altogether. A really fun read for me.

    30. This was the second book in the series. I enjoyed reading more about the children and the others, but was getting very tired of Aggie's constant taking offense of everything said around her. She was alway complaining and feeling she didn't measure up to the "job" of caring for the children with very little apparent enjoyment.

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