Bad Idea: A Novel {with coyotes}

Bad Idea A Novel with coyotes Griffin Smith is making a long road trip but it s not a simple case of getting from point A to point B Along the way Griffin learns a lot about life from his unlikely band of travel companions and be

  • Title: Bad Idea: A Novel {with coyotes}
  • Author: Todd Hafer Jedd Hafer
  • ISBN: 9781576839690
  • Page: 247
  • Format: Paperback
  • Griffin Smith is making a long road trip but it s not a simple case of getting from point A to point B Along the way, Griffin learns a lot about life from his unlikely band of travel companions and begins to questions his own attitudes and beliefs.

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    • [PDF] Download ✓ Bad Idea: A Novel with coyotes | by ✓ Todd Hafer Jedd Hafer
      247 Todd Hafer Jedd Hafer
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    1 thought on “Bad Idea: A Novel {with coyotes}”

    1. While I admit some possible bias in my review, I have to say that I ended up loving this novel. I am not a member of the target audience for young adult Christian-themed fiction, but I picked up this book because Jedd Hafer, co-author, is an old friend. I was struck by the insight and the compassion found in this novel regarding the mind and experience of a troubled teenager--the writing was amusing and witty and yet touching and thought-provoking as well. I wish this novel had been around when [...]

    2. Bad idea, indeed.Griffin Smith is your usual fucked-up teenager, well not so teenager anymore because he's about to start college and his dad has the most brilliant idea : let's all drive from Kansas to Griffin's university in California. The whole thing doesn't fill Griffin with joy as he's forced to share the ride with his dad, with whom he has a very complicated relationship, his dad's new girlfriend, 20-something-years younger than him, his little brother that he really doesn't want to leave [...]

    3. This book's intro promises real characters and compelling, cliche-free storylines. This is false.Bad Idea's characters are flat and un-original, including a too-young stepmom who talks like she's 15, a main character who laments that his generation's music is awful, best friend who does nothing but agree with other characters until it's his turn to advance the plot, and one of the blandest, most white-bread love interests in the history of college freshmen. The main character's "true-to-life" pr [...]

    4. Brilliant, witty, and painful, this book touches on aspects of life and faith without being preachy or too 'religious.' It's down to earth, honest, and relatable. Griffin is ready to embark on what looks to be the worst road trip of his life with his ultra-spiritual Dad, his dad's fiancée (excuse me, I meant cliché,) and his best bud Cole. Things go from bad to worse when all sorts of unthinkables happen that I won't go into because spoilers!Through the whole experience, Griffin is also rememb [...]

    5. If you read "Blue Like Jazz" by Donald Miller and liked it, you will like "Bad Idea" by Todd and Jedd Hafer. Had a very similar feel to it story of young man in high school and college with a lot of humorous experiences that taught him many valuable life lessons. The main character, Griff, is a troubled youth, intelligent, but with a cynical attitude. This attitude begins to wane as he travels with friends and family across the US to be dropped off to begin his freshmen year at a Christian colle [...]

    6. This book was directed at teens, but it was still a good read. It made me laugh, even though they satirically talk about serious subjects - such as separated parents, new step-moms, transitioning into college, girls, self-image, and self-inflicted pain. It will make you laugh and cry and will ultimately make your heart go out to teens in these situations.I loved it and look forward to reading it again.

    7. Not sure what I was thinking and why I would want to read this book. It is directed for teenagers or coming-of-age boys, thought I would think outside the box… It was certainly not a bad storyline but just nothing I could really identify with at this stage!

    8. Being a very non-religious person, I really enjoyed this Christian religion-thrmed book. It was a good story with a sincere, positive message.

    9. I just reread this. I'd forgotten how well it was written! This is, hands down, my favorite Christian fiction novel, for soooo many reasons.

    10. I read this a couple years ago and forgot to rate it. I just didn't enjoy it. I didn't like the main character, which is pretty important to liking a story.

    11. Fast paced, funny moments, and well written but geared towards a younger audience than myself. Would've liked a little more character depth.

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