Independence: The Struggle to Set America Free

Independence The Struggle to Set America Free No event in American history was pivotal or furiously contested than Congress s decision to declare independence in July Even months after American blood had been shed at Lexington and Concord m

  • Title: Independence: The Struggle to Set America Free
  • Author: John Ferling
  • ISBN: 9781608190089
  • Page: 401
  • Format: Hardcover
  • No event in American history was pivotal or furiously contested than Congress s decision to declare independence in July 1776 Even months after American blood had been shed at Lexington and Concord, many colonists remained loyal to Britain John Adams, a leader of the revolutionary effort, said bringing the fractious colonies together was like getting thirtee No event in American history was pivotal or furiously contested than Congress s decision to declare independence in July 1776 Even months after American blood had been shed at Lexington and Concord, many colonists remained loyal to Britain John Adams, a leader of the revolutionary effort, said bringing the fractious colonies together was like getting thirteen clocks to strike at once Other books have been written about the Declaration, but no author has traced the political journey from protest to Revolution with the narrative scope and flair of John Ferling Independence takes readers from the cobblestones of Philadelphia into the halls of Parliament, where many sympathized with the Americans and furious debate erupted over how to deal with the rebellion Independence is not only the story of how freedom was won, but how an empire was lost At this remarkable moment in history, high stakes politics was intertwined with a profound debate about democracy, governance, and justice John Ferling, drawing on a lifetime of scholarship, brings this passionate struggle to life as no other historian could Independence will be hailed as the finest work yet from the author Michael Beschloss calls a national resource.

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    1. Thanks to David McCullough’s outstanding biography of John Adams and its brilliant , immensely popular HBO adaption for TV, I learned a great deal more about the US War for Independence than I ever learned in school. Mostly, the people who were prominent in the struggle came to life for me. The politics of the Continental Congress was absorbing.With all that, it would seem that perhaps Independence, which is concerned with the 40 month period prior to the formal declaration of independence fro [...]

    2. Reader won a copy of this book from Good Reads First Reads.Although there are many books written about the declaration and everyone knows the outcome, I have not read another book that traces the political journey like this one. This book is really about the forty month period between the Boston Tea Party and Congresses vote for independence. It is amazing to me the clarity with which these leaders were able to shape the nation. Even after war was declared, many colonists still remained loyal to [...]

    3. This is an excellent account of the years leading up to the Declaration of Independence. There were quite a few surprises--things I'd never learned or had forgotten in the years since I learned it in school. Perhaps the most surprising was just how close we came to not declaring independence. I didn't realize how many people were willing to remain a colony and keep the peace--including Benjamin Franklin for many years. A few wiser decisions on the part of England, and things would have gone quit [...]

    4. I found this to be a very interesting book. Rather than concentrating on the military aspects of the struggle for independence, it focuses on intellectual developments. It was a struggle for Americans to free themselves from thinking that they were the king's subjects and it was only the stubborn unwillingness on the part of the British to try to understand the Americans that led to the move toward independence. Most Americans were reluctant revolutionaries. Until well into 1776 there were power [...]

    5. Thoroughly enjoyed. This book mostly focuses on the politics behind the struggle for independence. It takes you to Philadelphia during the endless meetings between the delegates, deciding what to do about the British crisis and ultimately through the decision to declare independence. Fascinating if you like politics or revolutionary history.A few excerpts:It seems certain that most Americans did not favor independence when what we now know as the War of Independence broke out in April 1775. Even [...]

    6. I can sit through a long history book as well as anyone - I'm quite proud of myself for having made it through the entirety of Diarmaid MacCulloch's Christianity (1000 pages/48 hours on audiobook) this year - but this book is just really, really boring.It's not the subject matter that's boring, it's the narrative. It reads like a text book, not a book the author really intends for you to read from cover to cover. It suffers from the author's attempt to fit in way too much - a mini-biography on e [...]

    7. I won this book in a giveaway.This was a great in-depth look at what was going on within the Continental Congress leading up to the Declaration of Independence. John Ferling has a knack for telling an engaging story while expertly tying in background information on dozens of important American forefathers. Not only does he delve into debates of the Continental Congress, but also gives the reader the leading perspectives from Parliament during the early years of the Revolutionary War. The amazin [...]

    8. Wow! I had no idea how much I didn't know about the colonies declaring their Independence. I have had this book in my kindle for years and finally cracked it open after listening to the musical Hamilton. Funny enough, he is not in this book at all! Still, I learned so much about all of it and it was truly fascinating. I'm certainly not finished exploring the Revolution and I look forward to reading more about this fascinating period. The book itself is easy to read and while it can get dry at ti [...]

    9. Wow! Thanks Firstreads Giveaways! I am looking forward to reading about how our country gained it's Independence! Thank you!What an informative read! I really enjoyed reading the little know facts intertwined with the basic knowledge of the independence of our country. I also enjoyed seeing my relatives name in the book. Yep, I am related to one of the lesser knowns who signed our great country into it's own. I enjoyed the little tibits of info I would have never guessed at. If you are looking f [...]

    10. Boring boring boring. The content is interesting but my goodness avoid this book. This is written as a text book. You will learn more from David Mcullough's John Adams and you will enjoy it more as well. This may earn high remarks for its scholarly research and insights, but very low scores for readability.

    11. Great book - not a barn burner, but so informative and from a unique perspective.Mr Ferling writes about the politics of reconciliation and confrontation from both the American colonies and the British Parliament's point of view. How did Independence occur rather than some other accommodation? Until the Declaration published in July 1776, the sectors that favored concession, accommodation, or joint dependency were in the majority, but misteps primarily on the British side resulted in those possi [...]

    12. writing that they generally prefer so my experience with this book may not be the experience had by everyone else. However, I really enjoyed the style, pace, and content of this book. I bought it on July 4 because it was a kindle daily deal but I am certainly interested in reading more of the works written by John Ferling. This book is unique and clears up some misconceptions that people may have about Congress and the background of the American Independence. The book is not structured as a stor [...]

    13. Excellent narration and storytelling of the events leading to the Declaration of Independence. Great concise bios of the players and their circumstances. Will definitely read another by Ferling.

    14. Just this morning, I finished reading John Ferling's novel, "Independence: the struggle to set America free". In case you may be considering it as a potential Christmas gift for a friend who is a history buff, I would recommend it to you. Below is a quick synopsis of the story, as told by Ferling, who is a noted historian and author on the subject and who also is a Professor of American History at West Georgia University. I have read one other book by Ferling and find his writing style cogent an [...]

    15. A lot of times, the history of the beginning of the American Revolution goes something like this: There were protests, then there were Lexington and Concord, and then America declared independence and dough the war.Less noticed -- and perhaps less known -- is that Lexington and Concord happened in April 1775 and America declared its independence in July 1776. For more than a year, independence was not a stated goal of the war. In fact, there was far more agreement on the need for armed resistanc [...]

    16. Indepedence is a detailed look into the struggle America went through in its decision to break free from England. John Ferling gives us a look at both sides of the struggle. We read of the fears a lot of colonists had about revolting against England, and we see the views of other colonists who thought it was necessary. We also get to read about what was going on in England at the time, George III's response and the difficult time that his prime minister, Lord North, had in dealing with the colon [...]

    17. Having my master's degree in history, I have studied the struggle for independence fairly extensively and John Ferling has always stood out as an excellent historian, and writer, of this time period. I was excited to read this book by him and I wasn't disappointed. In John Ferlling's own words, "This is a book about the evolution of the idea of American Independence and about the events and decisions that ultimately led Congress, with the backing of most colonists, to set America free of the Bri [...]

    18. When I was a very young girl in school I was never interested in History; too many other things pulled me to other subjects. As a retired adult with lots of time to read I found myself thoroughly enjoying this book of America's history and the times leading up to the signing of the Declaration of Independence. The book read like a novel, not like a textbook. So much more was included in this story than I ever remember reading in school, such as England's side, King George III and NORTH, Head of [...]

    19. Loved, loved, loved this book, the Kindle edition! I almost wish I could re-read it, but have to get to other books. Ferling covers the events leading up to the monumental decision of the colonies declaring independence from the mother country, 1765 to 1776. Today we look back at the history without the passion of the men who lived through those years, who wrestled with each other over the decision of tearing away from what they held dear from their birth to the grave, their love for King and En [...]

    20. I liked that this focused more on the politics of the Revolution than on the battles. It was interesting to learn about the time leading up to the Declaration of Independence and the motives behind the decisions that were made, including a little from the British and French point of view. Reading this ended up making me want to go read a bunch of other biographies. The narrative shows the reader the big picture, but then will zero in on one person in particular. You get a very brief biography of [...]

    21. Ferling gives an accurate and informative account of the years leading up to independence. He gives an account of both British and American thoughts and actions that I has never heard before. Although I enjoyed the amount of information he gave me this read like a textbook. It was quite dry and he has the habit of introducing new biographical information at any moment of the book so that at the moment when the declaration is about to be signed you read a page about the life of some lesser congre [...]

    22. Well-written historical non-fiction tracing the American Independence movement up until the Declaration of Independence. Thoroughly enjoyable and focus on how life feels so uncertain in the midst of an event.Details: It is still amazing to me how badly the British managed the American colonies. Most Americans (Massachusetts and Virginia aside) were ready to compromise, but the arrogance of PM North and HM King George III took away that option.This focus on the political issues of the time and ho [...]

    23. A good textbook, college thesis style telling of events and attitudes from both sides of the Atlantic that lead to the Declaration of Independence. It gets only 4 of 5 stars because of its overly academic style. The story would have been better told as a simple narrative, as the numerous footnotes and partial quotes made the reading cumbersome. The author often quotes single words in the middle of a sentence which leads one to believe the quoted words are either taken out of context or the rest [...]


    25. This was a really interesting book about the Declaration of Independence and the road leading to it. It was multifaceted by showing both the American and British side as well as those, even up to the last minute, that hoped for a reconciliation with the king George III and Parliament. The book really stresses the mistakes on both sides that send the colonies down the inevitable path to rebellion. Gave a very historical, both good and bad, of players such as John Adams, franklin, George II, Lord [...]

    26. This good book provided a realization that my previous understanding of the timeline of the American Revolution was seriously flawed. I really enjoyed the fleshing out of the individuals that put their signatures on the Declaration of Independence. Also very interesting storyline on how July 4th became the Birthday of our new nation. Politicians of both parties would do well to go back to this time in our history and get a reminder of how/why we were drawn to becoming our own independent country [...]

    27. Great book on the political battles in both England and America from before the Boston Tea Party to the Declaration of Independence. Along the way there are numerous short bios on many of the founding fathers, both well-known and lesser known (really enjoyed learning more about Samuel Adams and Roger Sherman). Included is some great info on Lord North, Dartmouth, King George, and other British politicians. Enjoyed "Independence" immensely!

    28. I really enjoyed the book and style of the narrative. The author went into a great deal of detail about some of the lesser known individuals who were involved in the writing of the declaration and the debate that led to it's approval. I found the part about the congress voting riveting because of the factions that had grown with the congress and how the feelings regarding independence shifted as time went along.

    29. This was an excellent book that explores the debates on both sides of the Atlantic leading up to the Declaration of Independence. I already knew much of what I read about the various views in America but I knew very little about the debate in parliament about how to address the rebellion in America. The style of this book is very readable. I particularly enjoyed the mini biographies included for each of the major players in the debates.

    30. This is one the best books about the march toward independence. I thought it was laid out well and it really explained key players and how they made decisions that affected the decision for independence. The book helped to explain the difficulty of reaching the point to make the decision of the Declaration of Independence.

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