Love Means... No Fear

Love Means No Fear Raine Baumer is living the party life in Chicago indulging in short relationships with little emotional commitment But after he s severely injured in a gay bashing close friend Geoff arrives to take

  • Title: Love Means... No Fear
  • Author: AndrewGrey
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  • Page: 364
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Raine Baumer is living the party life in Chicago, indulging in short relationships with little emotional commitment But after he s severely injured in a gay bashing, close friend Geoff arrives to take him to the country to recuperate There Geoff and his partner Eli treat him like part of the family, and Raine meets Jonah, Eli s brother, who is exploring life in the worldRaine Baumer is living the party life in Chicago, indulging in short relationships with little emotional commitment But after he s severely injured in a gay bashing, close friend Geoff arrives to take him to the country to recuperate There Geoff and his partner Eli treat him like part of the family, and Raine meets Jonah, Eli s brother, who is exploring life in the world outside his Amish community Jonah and Raine s mutual attraction draws them together, but they may not have a chance to explore it Jonah s father is making ultimatums, and the police believe that the attack on Raine may not have been as random as it initially appeared Raine and Jonah will have to face what they fear most in order to have any chance at a life together.

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    1. -OMG, I figure it out! My Ah-hah MomentWhat I found I did not like about this book, was that I kept getting thrown out of it. Everytime I read on Adelle " the help" the cook, the housekeeper. The little black lady that cooks the best fried chicken in town? Gosh, her persona as a whole was too stereotypical, for the 1900-1960s ? Thus, Adele made this book feel like a historical read. - I strongly dislike historical reads. Yes, I have and will read them, but I must be in the right state of mind. I [...]

    2. I've enjoyed the Love Means series a great deal, especially the first three books, and as a result I'd been looking forward to Raine's story. I'd liked Raine in the past books. He's a city boy through and through who loves living the high life and not being tied down so I liked the idea of him finding his true love.The story begins well as we see Raine out and about with his friends during the pride event. The excitement and colour of the parade was interesting to read and Raine's friendships wi [...]

    3. WHat I like is the juxtaposition of "fear" in the story. Raine is the city guy. (normally I would think "tough" or "seasoned".) But after being attacked, fear plays a part in your life you least expect and he has to deal with that. Jonah, who is Amish, (and in exploring the world outside, I would think it would be intimidating and scary.) is unsure of what he is feeling, yet bold at the same time. He is not afraid (not that much) of taking what he wants. He even gets angry at Raine for trying to [...]

    4. Very good! Can't wait till next and final one in this series. sighs only one leftI hope we see more of the surprise (at the end of this book) in the next book.I would have loved to have read about Jonah first trip to the big city That would have been really good. I loved the trip to the movie theater!! I love when characters find, what we think of every day things new and exciting, especially when it's written as well as Andrew's does it.

    5. I loved this book as much as the previous volumes in this series. Raine and Jonah both have to face their fears. Even though they're very different people with backgrounds that would make you think they'll never fit, when they're together they're much stronger than when they're apart.Raine is a great character. Even though he isn't sure that he's good enough for Jonah, things change for him as the story progresses. The bashing he's been through has already made him think, spending time at Geoff [...]

    6. The story of Raine, coming from Chicago where he was beaten and injured at a gay pride parade and Jonah, the little brother of Eli who just takes his time away from his Amish family is once again a very nice and interesting read. Although it sometimes reminded me of Eli and Geoff's story, it was still a great read. The story did not offer a lot of surprises, it was more or less clear what would happen, I would not say it was boring but still it was maybe a little too obvious. One thing I really [...]

    7. After suffering from a frightening gay bashing, Raine, Geoff's close friend from the city, moves to the farm to recuperate. While there, Raine meets Jonah, Eli's brother who is out of the Amish community on a sort of modified Rumspringa. I say modified since it's not the full year of a typical Rumspringa.I liked Raine and Jonah - they were both sweet characters. I think I didn't love this story as much as some of the others because the series is getting a little formulaic for me. In fact, this w [...]

    8. Trying to find the right words to say how much I loved this story and the whole series on a whole is not easy. The love you start to have for every character is an awesome feeling. Raine and Jonah are too cute for words but what I loved the most about this story was the strength that Jonah found he had in himself and the fact the Raine realized that he can be loved and can love. I love stories like this and with the end I'm hoping and praying this is so not the last time we will hear from the Lo [...]

    9. Another nice read in the Love Means series. Eli's brother Jonah and Geoff's friend Raine get together and learn what it means to fall in love. My only niggle with this book was the Gay bashing mystery. It just seemed a little too convaluted for me. But apart from that it was another sweet love story.

    10. Andrew Grey has done it again, delivering another heart-rending, tender gay romance amidst the backdrop of an atypical, rural setting. The fifth in his “Farm” series, No Fear is the story of Raine and Jonah, a seemingly mismatched couple who are brought together accidentally when they meet at Geoff and Eli’s Michigan farm. Eli is the older brother of Jonah, and the siblings spring from a traditional Amish background. Jonah, like his older brother, leaves his community for a year in the “ [...]

    11. 3.5 Stars!I have been looking forward to Raine's story since we met him in book one. There was just something about him that had me thinking'I NEED to know more about that guy'. I found myself a bit disappointed in how his story went, in my mind he needed a whole lot more. Jonah was adorable and I loved watching him learn about 'English' things. The movie scenery sweet & romantic. I'm used to the quick love in this series but something just seemed off for these guys. I really hope that they [...]

    12. Meh5 books from this series read in 4 days & I'm starting to get a bit fatigued with the formula innocent, younger man falls for older, more experienced, slightly slutty man; they fall in love; one of them leaves because of work/family/fear/habit realises he can't live without (insert name here); moves backHEA on the farm. Nothing about the characters or set-up in this book set it apart from the others WOW factor.Andrew Grey's books are still better than a lot of dross out there but I'm star [...]

    13. Things I liked about this story:Raine finally settles down and finds loveThe 2 of them didn't end up at the ranch, but in a long distance relationship (nice twist)Robby has the chance to help someone else out, instead of everyone helping himThe relationship between Raine and Jonah is soooo romanticThere was outdoor intimacy - bonusThings I didn't like about this story:Eli's brother? Really? Ok mostly believableOne of the main characters leaves (again) only to come to his senses and return (again [...]

    14. It is time for Geoff's friend Raine to get his story. And it is involves Eli's brother Jonah. I loved much of this story. The fact that Jonah is working at figuring out for himself what he wants. Raine having to re-evaluate his own life for different reasons. I really love how much Jonah grew in this story from being shocked about his brother's life to being a strong man who knows his own mind. Raine I felt didn't really grow as much because in the end his life remained large unchanged. I get th [...]

    15. Belle suite où nous retrouvons les personnages des tomes précédents et où nous retrouvons Raine qui suite à une agression vient se reposer à la ferme et découvre le petit frère d'Eli, qui doit faire face à un choix difficile.

    16. Another great story in the Love Means series! I loved Jonah and Raine, they were so sweet and vulnerable.While Jonah likes his life in the Amish community, he can't help yearning to explore the English world. His uncle agrees to persuade Jonah's father to let him do so and takes Jonah out to nowhere and leaves him. With a little help from his uncle, Jonah is able to find where Eli lives and a place to stay and learns that his brother isn't who he thought he was. Geoff brings Raine home after he' [...]

    17. Raine, a friend of Geoff and Eli from the previous story, is single but loves his job at his predominately-gay office. He is happy with his life. That is, until the night of the Gay Pride parade, when he is attacked and beaten on his way home by a group of strangers just because he is gay.  After waking up in the hospital and speaking to the police, Raine goes back to the farm with Geoff while he is healing, and police are searching for the men that beat him.While recuperating on the farm, Eli' [...]

    18. Der junge Amish Jonah fühlte eine Unruhe in sich. Er ist neugierig auf das Leben ausserhalb der Gemeinschaft, hat aber Angst und großen Respekt vor seinem Vater, der sein Leben vollständig kontrolliert. Jonah vermisst auch seinen älteren Bruder Eli, der die Gemeinschaft der Amish verlassen und sich für ein Leben bei den ‘Englischen’ entschieden hat. Jonahs Onkel ermöglicht ihm den üblichen Ausflug in die Welt der Englischen und stellt auch sicher, dass Jonah seinen älteren Bruder Eli [...]

    19. OverallFans of Grey's work will find another story that fits the bill of the Farm series. While the characters aren't as memorable as Geoff and Eli, Raine and Jonah have a sweet, if not somewhat predictable, romance. You may know the ending, but fans will still enjoy the journey there.StrengthsAlthough I don't think this is his best writing, Grey is consistent in his ability to guide a reader through the story with ease.Different happy ending. While we expect a happy ending with Grey's stories, [...]

    20. J'ai adoré ce livre ! il est presque meilleur que le premier tome.Au début, j'ai pensé que ce serait la meme histoire qu'avec Eli ( d'ailleurs c'est étonnant d'avoir 2 freres gay amish Very Happy). mais Jonah est beaucoup plus naif, curieux, que son frere. il a toujours grandit en suivant les pas de son pere et le monde extérieur lui fait peur en même temps que ca l'attire. Grace à lui j'ai eu plein de moments droles. Par exemple lorsque raine luit dit " n'aie pas peur, je ne vais pas sau [...]

    21. THis is the 4th ( though to me the 5th) in The Love Means series.In this book, Raine ( who is Geoff's best friend) gets his story. Raine is an accountant working at an all gay firm, he lives in Chicago and enjoying his life there. On the start of Gay Pride weekend Raine attends with the festivities with his friends. While leaving to go home late at night, Raine is brutally attacked by 3 men and almost killed (he is saved when the cowards hear someone coming).Raine and the police think it's a gay [...]

    22. This is another nice story about men trying to sort their lives out, determining what they really want and making decisions about their future.This time the story is about Raine (Geoff's friend who works in finance and lives in the city) and Jonah (Eli's brother, who arrives straight from the Amish community).The formula is the same as the other books. The men both have issues to sort out, they are very different to each other and in Raine's case, Eli is very different to the types of men he has [...]

    23. Romance and Fantasy for Cosmopolitan GirlsEccoci giunti ad un nuovo, emozionante, capitolo della serie “Amore significa” che, in puro stile Andrew Grey, sa prendere e lasciare incollati fino all’ultima pagina. Incontriamo sempre Eli e Geoff che ci fanno nuovamente compagnia insieme a Robbie e Joey e qualche comparsata di Stone e Preston e l’immancabile Len con Chris. Una brigata di vecchi che fa da sfondo a questa nuova, tenera storia.Jonah, come suo fratello, è un innocente Amish che n [...]

    24. After being the victim of an attack that leaves him in pain and with mobility issues, Raine goes to the ranch owned by his friends Geoff and Eli to complete his recovery. While Raine is there, Eli's brother Jonah shows up to spend some time during his Rumspringa. Despite Raine's first impression of Jonah, he can't help finding himself drawn to him. But can Raine, an out gay man from the city, truly win over Jonah, a sheltered young man from an Amish community who is still learning about the outs [...]

    25. This book evoked multiple feelings from me. Some at the same damn time! LOLI loved seeing Raine do away with his 'live for today' attitude and focus on the needs and desires of Jonah. Jonah, is by far one of my absolute FAVORITE Andrew Grey characters. (Have I mentioned how fabulous Andrew Grey's books are? Well, they are.) Jonah has this quiet, observant intelligence and the unspoken strength that you can't help but feel drawn to. Seriously, I wanted him for myself :PHis 'awakening' was so beau [...]

    26. This is my new favorite series from Andrew Grey's collection of books. Raine is an accountant that is living the party life in Chicago, going from one bed to another , his only constant in life , his best friend Geoff. Raine is f goes to the farm with Geoff after being attack one night in a gay bashing. Jonah is Elijah's brother and he is scared but after his uncle convinces his dad , he leaves the Amish and He is to be outside of the community for year or what they call Rumshpringa Elijah and [...]

    27. bianchianita1971/2Andrew Grey è una garanzia: i suoi romanzi sono sempre interessanti, ben scritti e perfettamente bilanciati tra dolcezza e dramma.Jonah è riuscito, con molta difficoltà e con l'aiuto prezioso dello zio, a convincere il padre a lasciarlo vivere nel "mondo degli inglesi" per un anno; arriva alla fattoria in cui abitano il fratello Eli e il suo compagno, ma qui lo aspettano numerose sorprese. Non è facile per un ragazzo Amish accettare che esistano realtà e possibilità diver [...]

    28. It was great to meet up with Raine again, although he should have known that Chicago party boys who go to Geoff's family farm WILL meet winsome Amish lads who will take them out with Powerful Virginal Lust rays. The Force is strong with Jonah, and his Crouching Tiger Innocence and Hidden Dragon Manliness (and the fact that Raine is recovering from a vicious bashing attack and can't run very fast) give him a significant advantage in saving Raine from his shallow, sex-and-booze filled ways. It's l [...]

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