The Sound of My Voice

The Sound of My Voice Morris Magellan has a house in the suburbs nice wife and kids But Morris is also a chronic alcoholic heading fast towards self destruction Morris is not hoping to meet Ms Right and acquire the two k

  • Title: The Sound of My Voice
  • Author: Ron Butlin
  • ISBN: 9780862411268
  • Page: 153
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Morris Magellan has a house in the suburbs, nice wife and kids But Morris is also a chronic alcoholic, heading fast towards self destruction Morris is not hoping to meet Ms Right and acquire the two kids that will straighten everything out He already has all this and it hasn t kept him off the bottle Ron Butlin s tale of one man s inner turmoil is haunting, harrowing,Morris Magellan has a house in the suburbs, nice wife and kids But Morris is also a chronic alcoholic, heading fast towards self destruction Morris is not hoping to meet Ms Right and acquire the two kids that will straighten everything out He already has all this and it hasn t kept him off the bottle Ron Butlin s tale of one man s inner turmoil is haunting, harrowing, yet strangely uplifting a masterpiece from a neglected Scottish writer.

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    1 thought on “The Sound of My Voice”

    1. One of the most remarkable books I've ever read. Around 120 pages, and told completely in second-person narrative, I've never been so fully captivated by a book. The story concerns a man named Morris Magellan, a businessman with a wife and two kids. The story essentially concerns you as well, as the story narrates Morris' alcoholism as if its happening to you."By now, however, you have exhausted that. There seems to be no energy left - if you had discovered alcohol earlier it might have saved a [...]

    2. A poet turned novelist Butlin outlines a man’s gradual descent into alcoholism, both funny (at times) and disturbing. Absorbing: you fall deeply into the alcoholic's mind and start to perceive things in the way he does, startling and original and true. (despite using the dreaded second person).2006 notebook: '.eadying the ground, your feet apart like standing on the centre of a see saw. Not moving forward, but balancing the room exactly as it was. When Mary sat up, you took a step backwards to [...]

    3. Butlin is extraordinary as always. For anyone who hasn't already read this I highly recommend it and if you have already read this book I recommend a reread. Haunting and dark yet entirely relatable even for those who haven't struggled with addiction or known someone who's struggled with addiction.Just reading how Morris gets through his days is enough to make you never want to have a drink ever again. Butlin pulls back the curtain so the reader can peer inside the mind of a fully functioning al [...]

    4. Brilliant, if you can handle 118 pages in the 2nd person about a slowly degenerating Scottish alcoholic. Take the 1st paragraph of the 3rd chapter as a good measure of what to expect:"You are thirty-four years old and already two-thirds destroyed. When your friends and business colleagues meet you they shake your hand and say, "Hello, Morris." You reply, "Hello," usually smiling. At home your wife and children -- your accusations, as you call them -- love you and need you. You know this all, and [...]

    5. Reading this book was spellbinding. Written in the second person, you become the protagonist's inner voice. Using metaphors, Butlin takes you inside the mind of an alcoholic as he struggles to get through each day. If you can get a copy of this book do so - you will not be disappointed.

    6. I am not sure about this book, so many people seem to rate it highly. There were some passages I thought very worth while, but as a whole a little too distant and vague, and disjointed to atually make you feel anything. Yes, I know people will say"that's the point, that's it's charm",but I don't think so. The author is known for his poetry. This book is a little series of stills described, almost too quintessentially, picking out a few motifs without any real explaination as to their importance. [...]

    7. * 1000 novels everyone must read: the definitive list: Family and SelfSelected by the Guardian's Review team and a panel of expert judges, this list includes only novels – no memoirs, no short stories, no long poems – from any decade and in any language. Originally published in thematic supplements – love, crime, comedy, family and self, state of the nation, science fiction and fantasy, war and travel – they appear here for the first time.

    8. Well written novel on alcoholism from Scottish poet. Yes, that sounds a little depressing, and yes it is. But it is also absorbing, very well written and moving. This is one of those novels that make reading worthwhile - slightly off the beaten track but immensely rewarding. Should be a cult classic. Maybe it already is.Have got a copy of his other novel Night Visits, but I'm waiting a while to recover from reading this one before I start on that one

    9. A stunningly moving, powerful book written in second person, and set during the Thatcher years in Glasgow. It's bleak, depressing and in many respects it's a wonderful narrative of the early eighties in, not just Scotland, but the United Kingdom as a whole.The protagonist is a sad, pathetic creature and his downward spiral is heart-wrenching and pitiful to see. Can't recommend this book highly enough.

    10. "Cuando una sola copa es demasiado, las demás nunca son suficiente. Nunca.""No tiene futuro ni tiene pasado tampoco, es un borracho» había dicho aquel hombre. Ni futuro, ni pasado; sólo quedaba el presente, pensaste. Pero hay dos tipos de presente, ¿verdad? Con una copa y sin ella. No es difícil la elección. Para ti"

    11. magistralmente scritto da un poeta irlandese e interamente in seconda persona. narra la storia di un giovane alcolista che ha da poco passato la trentina e ha un buon lavoro e una bella famiglia ma si rifugia comunque nella bottiglia.un viaggio nella sua mente e nelle sue azioni spesso prive di logica ma fantasmi di un malessere e un'inquietudine radicati sottopelle.

    12. Quel ennui, quel dégoût et quelle pauvreté d'écriture. De bien meilleurs romans ont été écrits sur l'alcoolisme, celui-ci ne fait que de parler de "boire beaucoup". La "critique opiniâtre" de la société des années 80 annoncée dans la préface me semble bien faible et creuse.

    13. This is one of those texts that you just can't forget. Butlin uses the second person throughout to examine the mind of an alcoholic struggling with his life. I don't want to spoil the power of this short novel - read it!

    14. Never have I had such a clear picture of alcoholism from the inside. Ron Butlin is also a poet, and his prose is poetic in its intensity and color. Packs a wallop.

    15. A very strange short book written in the second person, which irritated for a few pages then completely consumed me. You. Surreal and accurate at the same time.

    16. J'ai beaucoup aimé cette lecture, j'ai trouvé le style magnifiquechroniquesdunchatdebibliothequ

    17. Beautiful book, written from the 2nd person point of view, a difficult trick to pull off. Highly recommend.

    18. Book club read. The story was uncomfortable to read and but very well-written - I can only assume it is a fairly accurate portrayal of an alcoholic.

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