Strangers in Paradise, Volume 3: It's A Good Life

Strangers in Paradise Volume It s A Good Life Strangers In Paradise It s A Good Life is the continuing saga of three friends Katchoo Francine and David This volume finds our friends chasing each other to Hawaii in the name of love Francine beco

  • Title: Strangers in Paradise, Volume 3: It's A Good Life
  • Author: Terry Moore Alisa Kwitney
  • ISBN: 9781892597021
  • Page: 178
  • Format: Paperback
  • Strangers In Paradise It s A Good Life is the continuing saga of three friends, Katchoo, Francine and David This volume finds our friends chasing each other to Hawaii in the name of love Francine becomes involved with former beau, Freddie and Katchoo gets involved with everyone

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      178 Terry Moore Alisa Kwitney
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    1 thought on “Strangers in Paradise, Volume 3: It's A Good Life”

    1. This seems to be a more transitional volume in the series. Not as much action as the last one. This time the focus is on the relationships between the main characters; lots of misunderstanding, emotional chaos, and reconciliation. I did not give it a full 5 stars because the ending was a bit abrupt to me, but still another great volume!This volume compiles issues #10–13 of Volume 2 of the series. (I know, confusing right – Volume 3 of the trade paperback has part of volume 2 . . . Moore rest [...]

    2. Another solid installment in the Strangers in Paradise series as we get tow the trio of main characters better. As usual, the linework is lovely to look at, though sometimes I wish at least some of the pages had color.

    3. I enjoyed so much the first two volumes but this one was truly awful. Both David and Francine's ex-boyfriend become extremely persistent, demanding the attention of the female main characters no matter what, trespassing the boundaries of privacy and personal space. Freddie is obviously a pig (though in the beginning of this volume we're supposed to feel sorry for him, or something? *barf*) but still manages to get under Francine's skin, though thankfully, in the end, she sees through his bullshi [...]

    4. Paste from my review of Volume 1. I've read most of the series and feel the same review overall applies to everything:The series has beautiful black and white line art throughout. It's the main reason I ever started it. Terry Moore is a masterly graphic artist and a riveting storyteller. I suspect I'll read anything he puts out. That said, I prefer Rachel Rising (horror) and Echo (science fiction), personally. SiP (as fans tend to call it) is a work focused almost entirely on how people relate t [...]

    5. morethansuperhumans.cAfter the frantic pace of the previous volume, this volume serves as a sort of emotional coda to the events in I Dream of You. Here we learn that Freddie Femur is still in love (or at the very least obsessed) with Francine, despite being engaged to the beautiful but "kinda dim" Casey. And Francine wonders about the true nature of her relationship with Katchoo. Her pondering leads her to Hawaii to confront Freddie on his wedding day, and Katchoo and David must race to stop he [...]

    6. The third Strangers in Paradise collection, It's a Good Life chiefly explores the aftermath of I Dream of You, the second story arc. Francine and David are both compelled to make clear the nature of their relationships with Katchoo, who is recuperating from the events of the preceding story arc and isn't in a particularly genial mood--even by Katchoo standards. There's nothing obviously important here along the lines of the revelations of I Dream of You, but the character development is immediat [...]

    7. ¿Aftermath en castellano? ¿Secuela, resaca?Más que nuevas historias de los tres héroes nos encontramos con el epifonema final, el epílogo de I Dream Of You. O un interludio, aún no lo sé.Una persecución por amor que termina en Hawaii como excusa para mostrar varias escenas que sucedieron entre bambalinas en el volumen anterior. Un hilo conductor muy flojo que el autor aprovecha para engordar las páginas sin mucho respeto por el lector. Soluciona tramas que ni me había dado cuenta de qu [...]

    8. 2012 Reread: I got lost in this for a month. My very first full reread since the series hit its ending. Since I knew where it would start and go and end up. It was just as terrible, wonderful, painful, heartbreaking, heart healing, amazing as every other read. I never stop knowing my heart belongs to this. ~*~2014: Graphic Novel Book Club, Read #3 (Duo Set -- Book One)This one was my rec to the group. I will never stop loving everything about SIP as long as I can read words and remember it's sto [...]

    9. Compared to other works I've read of his, Mr. Moore seems spread a little thin here, but that's nothing. I jumped into Strangers in Paradise and even pages in I felt that no matter where else I might picked up in this tale, I would have fallen in love with its characters and its story right away. Top tier writing. Every page is a pleasure. Please feed this man your first born child and 10% of your retirement fund post haste. And don't take my word for it that he's good. Read him!

    10. Although there were many great moments ahead - including the transformation of Casey from annoying airhead to my favorite character - if SiP had ended right here it would be a perfect series. The love triangle - more like a pentagon actually - is wrapped up in a very satisfying way.

    11. Again, I'm re-reading Strangers In Paradise. This volume finishes up some plot threads from Vol 2 (I Dream of You) and opens new situations that will last the rest of the series. The artwork is completely solid throughout as well. Mr. Moore was in top form here.

    12. This book is a lovely break from the drama so you can spend more time with the characters. The facial expressions are wonderful! As are those moments of connection between characters that take turns pulling at my heart strings & making me giggle.

    13. Still loving the series. I love the horror that is Freddie Femurs. I'm curious about how long it will be before there's a triad happening. I love that Moore has me so hooked I wish I had more reading time in my day.Good stuff.

    14. Strangers in Paradise was the first comic title I was obsessed with, not counting The Crow, which was a different thing all together. SIP was consistently astounding.

    15. I could and have re read this series over and over. It has made me laugh out loud, cry and just come to understand how powerful comics can be.

    16. not my favorite of the series, but still packed full of sweet sweet drama, conspiracies, and suspense! this volume was such a tease!

    17. Do you know, I found these in the big weird warehouse sale on 41st and 2nd in Brooklyn and they were heckuva cheap. I just want to mention that. In passing.

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