Strangers in Paradise, Volume 8: My Other Life

Strangers in Paradise Volume My Other Life My Other Life contains the powerful and moving story of a horrendous plane crash that rips the lives of Francine Katchoo and David apart And to make matters worse Katchoo discovers the plane crash

  • Title: Strangers in Paradise, Volume 8: My Other Life
  • Author: Terry Moore
  • ISBN: 9781892597113
  • Page: 181
  • Format: Paperback
  • My Other Life contains the powerful and moving story of a horrendous plane crash that rips the lives of Francine, Katchoo and David apart And, to make matters worse, Katchoo discovers the plane crash was no accident, as the demons from her other life come back to claim her for good A heartbreaking story that launched the SIP books in a new direction.

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    1 thought on “Strangers in Paradise, Volume 8: My Other Life”

    1. An interesting volume. Seems to be more of a transition than a complete story in itself. Lot's of new information taking us back to the earlier storylines. Also, some side stories that give us more of a view of our main characters during less harrowing times. Seeing them enjoying life is especially poignant considering the shocking nature of the other events that occur.I will say that I enjoyed this, but it is so different than the other recent issues in this series that it is almost incomparabl [...]

    2. Tragedy, Twist, Sacrifice Everything seems to come around full circle. I really like the characters strong friendship albeit their differences. Francine is like the diamond in the rough, and Katchoo carries a heavy burden by being so intuitive and skilled. My favorite scenes in this volume were the beach banter, and the football memory. But BEWARE! That shocker in the middle hurt! My advice: ice cream or cookie dough and tissues!!!I ♥ U - Katchoo

    3. Again, I am impressed with Terry Moore's storytelling, and his artwork is fantastic, even if it's just black and white.

    4. morethansuperhumans.cMy Other Life begins with a short, humorous interlude, in which Francine, Katchoo, and David rent out a beach house for a weekend. Then the three of them prepare to fly to New York, where David will sign the papers that grants him his inheritance. But before they can leave Francine and Katchoo have another fight, this time about the triangle they've created with David, because with Katchoo and David becoming closer, Francine doesn't understand her part in it anymore. As a re [...]

    5. Paste from my review of Volume 1. I've read most of the series and feel the same review overall applies to everything:The series has beautiful black and white line art throughout. It's the main reason I ever started it. Terry Moore is a masterly graphic artist and a riveting storyteller. I suspect I'll read anything he puts out. That said, I prefer Rachel Rising (horror) and Echo (science fiction), personally. SiP (as fans tend to call it) is a work focused almost entirely on how people relate t [...]

    6. Never EVER read a sequence in a graphic novel about a plane crash a month before you're going to get on a plane to the other side of the world. There's a one page sequence that focuses on a character we will only see once in the course of the series, a four-year old girl whose mother is killed in a crash. It describes the next few years of her life, a life of therapy, drug addiction and jail time and summarizes that life as "the little girl who took twelve years to die." That's the kind of writi [...]

    7. 2012 Reread: I got lost in this for a month. My very first full reread since the series hit its ending. Since I knew where it would start and go and end up. It was just as terrible, wonderful, painful, heartbreaking, heart healing, amazing as every other read. I never stop knowing my heart belongs to this.

    8. I could and have re read this series over and over. It has made me laugh out loud, cry and just come to understand how powerful comics can be.

    9. Strangers in Paradise was the first comic title I was obsessed with, not counting The Crow, which was a different thing all together. SIP was consistently astounding.

    10. Exciting story with plane crashes and near death experiences but less Katchoo and Francine relationship development.

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