Strangers in Paradise, Volume 19: Ever After

Strangers in Paradise Volume Ever After Ever After is the final trade paperback in the Strangers in Paradise series chronicling the lives of Francine and Katchoo When her famous brother in law falls prey to a crazed fan s bullet Francine i

  • Title: Strangers in Paradise, Volume 19: Ever After
  • Author: Terry Moore
  • ISBN: 9781892597359
  • Page: 209
  • Format: Paperback
  • Ever After is the final trade paperback in the Strangers in Paradise series chronicling the lives of Francine and Katchoo When her famous brother in law falls prey to a crazed fan s bullet, Francine is forced to confront her own doubts and fears about the life she has chosen In a bold move, she leaves her cheating husband and tries to reconnect with the only person she eEver After is the final trade paperback in the Strangers in Paradise series chronicling the lives of Francine and Katchoo When her famous brother in law falls prey to a crazed fan s bullet, Francine is forced to confront her own doubts and fears about the life she has chosen In a bold move, she leaves her cheating husband and tries to reconnect with the only person she ever truly loved, Katchoo But things have changed since Francine left, Katchoo has changed, and it soon becomes apparent that if Francine wants her friend back she s going to have to fight for her.

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    1 thought on “Strangers in Paradise, Volume 19: Ever After”

    1. So now I've read the entire story to the end, and I can comment on the series as complete entity. Which means I can ask and answer the big question: Does it end well? It does. Story ends sweetly and gently. The arcs resolve well, leaving me satisfied with the story as a whole. Is it my favorite series ever? No. It's probably not even in my top ten. That said, I can honestly say that reading this story has changed the way I think about my life. I am probably going to change the way I live because [...]

    2. Whoo, one hell of a ride! I went through all 19 novels over several yars, eagerly gobbling up every trade paperback as it came out, and wow. There were plenty of twists, surprises, and emotional sucker-punches along the line, but what a story! So many series have terrible or disappointing endings, but this one wound down most of the storylines in a rather satisfactory way, quite a feat especially for such a long and storied series. Overall definitely a wonderful series, with good writing and fan [...]

    3. good art, good story. Sadness that this is the final installment. Loose ends are wrapped up, storylines come to a satisfying end.

    4. morethansuperhumans.cAfter following the lives of Francine, Katchoo, David, Casey, Tambi, and Freddie (among others) in the 2000+ pages that make up Terry Moore's Strangers in Paradise, it would be a disservice to readers to outline any aspect of this final volume's plot. Suffice it to say, volume 19 is a bittersweet ending to a saga that, honestly, no one (except perhaps the author himself) ever wanted to say goodbye to. But it is a thoroughly satisfying end.What more can I say? Like the end of [...]

    5. Wow, this is one of the few times that the end of an epic lived up to all the expectations I had built up over the time it took to get there. Terry Moore manages to tie up all the loose ends while saving some of the biggest jaw-dropping revelations for the last few chapters of the story. It's a tribute to Mr. Moore's capacity as an observer of human nature and crafter of characters that his cast of complex, exasperating, flawed and loveable people came to feel like old friends, and it was hard t [...]

    6. This is the last book in the Strangers in Paradise series, and I have to say it may very well be one of the best stories I've ever read. I've spent the last eight years or so reading it, re-reading it, and getting to know all the characters. Because of this, the final book was an amazing catharsis. I think I must have gone through every single emotion a human being can feel. And despite all angst and the pain and the injustice, there was humor and peace, and even a sense of bittersweet joy at th [...]

    7. what a cool series this was, reading the final year and saying goodby to so many valuable characters, was franklya little rough. And then, there was the whole "is it a parallel world or not" question that had been asked since the start of volume three. but the ending was worth the wait. Heartwarming, sadness, life changese whole kitten kaboodle is there, with the same great writing and artwork. If one of my nieces came to me and asked for a good comic series to start on; it would be this classic [...]

    8. Warning: This review contains spoilersIt was a fitting end to the series. Spoiler space. This space is for spoilers to hide it from people who do not wish to see the spoilers. really needs to get on the spoiler space project so I don't have to keep rambling like this.I had hoped that David would survive, but I vaguely recall in that book that skipped ahead to the future that he'd died so I wasn't really surprised. Anyway, a nice conclusion.

    9. I finished rereading this a decade after its original release. It's always interesting rereading a comics series. Some I can reread many times. This isn't one of them, even as good as it is. I can now see character flaws I missed. This is due in part to the difference between waiting for new issues in contrast to reading the whole thing from start to finish. I can see an artist's style evolve. I can see how my own tastes have evolved.This is a good story with solid interesting characters. Only t [...]

    10. Amazing is what I have to say about the story line. It dealt with death so well. I loved how Terry Moore addressed the issue and pain of death.And the way the story ended was great. One of the best of the series. Having just reread the whole series and ending with this story, all I can do is reiterate how amazing this story is and how well Terry Moore ends the series and deals with death. Amazing and awesome

    11. A great conclusion to one of the most brilliant series ever written.[return]I fell in love with the characters years ago, laughed with them, cried with them, suffered with them. Ultimately I almost cried because there will be no more stories about Katchoo, Francine, David, Casey, Tambi, Freddy,[return]It was a great time, thank you!

    12. This was a wonderful finale/send-off for a much beloved series. I'm glad I hung in there through the whole thing, the payoff was great, didn't feel forced or hackneyed, but sweetly inevitable. Sigh. I really want more of their stories now, though. Haven't quite "accepted" that it's all over.

    13. 2012 Reread: I got lost in this for a month. My very first full reread since the series hit its ending. Since I knew where it would start and go and end up. It was just as terrible, wonderful, painful, heartbreaking, heart healing, amazing as every other read. I never stop knowing my heart belongs to this.

    14. This is the last volume of Terry Moore's amazing series Strangers in Paradise and Mr. Moore absolutely knows how to finish a story. Funny, sad, surprising, and always skillful this sums of the very best of Moore's classic graphic novel.

    15. A fitting conclusion to the long running strip. While bittersweet rather than wall to wall happy - plus a few revelations that I didn't see coming - it gave the beloved characters the send off they deserved. Well observed and beautifully drawn, as always.

    16. This is the last of the Strangers in Paradise series, and I've finally finished it. Terry Moore is amazing, and this is a fitting end to the series; I'm jealous of those who are about to start reading these.

    17. I had always wanted to read this comic as I had heard the story was interesting and it dealt with mature issues. Unfortunately, I never quite got to it, but now that I have read the end I want to go back and get details from the beginning. I guess that says this is quite a good story.

    18. A nice conclusion to the Strangers in Paradise series - I liked that everyone mostly gets a happily-ever-after.

    19. The final chapter of the SIP saga- one of my favorite series. Moore writes the most believable characters, and lovingly illustrates them.

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