Lord Vishnu's Love Handles: A Spy Novel (Sort Of)

Lord Vishnu s Love Handles A Spy Novel Sort Of AUCTION DESCRIPTION

  • Title: Lord Vishnu's Love Handles: A Spy Novel (Sort Of)
  • Author: WillClarke
  • ISBN: 9780743271479
  • Page: 426
  • Format: Hardcover

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    1 thought on “Lord Vishnu's Love Handles: A Spy Novel (Sort Of)”

    1. One of the most creative, funny, and thrilling books I've ever read. I was a bit concerned because there's a *lot* of set up through the first act—which felt like a lot of info dumping, but all of this information comes into play in the final act. It's so well done. I can't wait to read more of Will Clarke's writing.

    2. Lord Vishnu's Love Handles is unexpectedly fleshy and overly brash. Its protagonist spends so much time shooting his mouth off that I think the author may have forgotten that, as readers, we're probably more apt to enjoy his work if we don't hate its main character. There's no redemption here. There's barely a coherent plot. What there is, in spades, is a lot of unnecessary bawdiness.The premise is simple, and then convoluted. Yuppie man leads charmed existence, with a side of psychic abilities [...]

    3. I did not see this one coming. In fact, I did not see this one coming until about 50 pages in when I was just about to abandon it. Maybe it was the first-person, overly informal, annoyingly unhinged style, which is a constant throughout the book, but which suddenly became more palatable once the story kicked into full-on crazy mode. Anyway, the full-on crazy premise of this very original book is that a man seemingly slipping into madness may actually be the James Bond of psychic espionage. Or ma [...]

    4. This novel is not for everyone, but it's perfect for me. I'm a sucker for the smartass protagonist thing, especially when you throw in some supernatural or sci-fi into the mix. I can see why the reviews of this book are so polarizing. One can tell the author struggled in keeping the literary and fun sides of his voice in balance. But I think Lord Vishnu's Love Handles is a resounding success. Worth reading, but only if you've got a dark sense of humor and can appreciate a protagonist you might a [...]

    5. Usually I dislike books with whiny, self-indulgent, and deluded alcoholic protagonists, but I could barely put Lord Vishnu’s Love Handles down. The protagonist, who tells the story in first person, is over-the-top brash and often obscene, but adds a black humor edge to his diatribes that is rather compelling and funny. He is psychic, and is often overwhelmed by his premonitory visions. And as for his paranoia—is it really psychological breakdown or is there some kind of trickery afoot to wat [...]

    6. I selected the rating, "really liked it," simply because I could not put the book down. But I don't know that I LIKE, LIKED it (to sound a like a teenage girl). The language is not for the faint of heart. And the whole tail is curious - much in the vein of a Tim Robbins book. There probably was some big metaphorical meaning hidden in among on the craziness, but since I was looking for escapism - not theology - I chose to simply read it for the very peculiar, action-adventure that it was.

    7. This story of a yuppie with a psychic gift who suddenly finds himself mixed up with covert operatives and Hindu holy men was a mixed bag for me. I loved the premise and loved the title, and enjoyed much of the writing. But I was disappointed in the direction the author took the story and it fell apart for me at the end.

    8. Really, really funny in a few parts. Was definitely not a style of writing I am used to. It certainly got a bit strange for me near the end.

    9. Great read. Reminiscent of Christopher Moore who I have read in total. Will Clarke is my new favorite author. His most recent book "Madam Melancon" is a perfect 5. This earlier book, Lord Vishnu, is nearly as good. Being an SMU alum and long time Dallas resident, the local references are spot on and the internal/external dialogue of a young father in stress is simply hilarious. The story of hellish addictions are poignant and the supernatural elements create a wild ride. I can not wait for Will [...]

    10. This book has to be the worst book I have had the misfortune to read in many years. I wouldn't recommend it to anybody. Maybe guys like Hitler or Stalin. The language in the book is also bad, as well as the sexual episodes. DON'T BUY THIS BOOK!

    11. This was an amazing book. I loved the clear writing style and sense of humour that prevailed throughout the entirety of the book that literally had me laughing out loud. Clarke took big and sometimes heavy ideas and with a good does of hilarious circumstances created a book with a sense of wacky adventure and a light hearted take on life.

    12. Let's set things straight: Will Clarke's LORD VISHNU'S LOVE HANDLES is a darn funny book--some of it literally laugh-out-loud funny. Clarke's here-it-is, straight-forward style is fun to read, and the author can set up a scene, antagonize his protagonist, then knock it out of the park with ingenuous comedic wit and ease. Clarke's goofy, ultra-fantastic story--about a yuppie psychic who goes to work for the government in exchange for forgiveness of his IRS debt, yet subsequently loses his family [...]

    13. I started reading Lord Vishnu's Love Handles by Will Clarke a while back. I picked up the book after catching an excerpt of it that sounded fascinating and instantly find it right up my reading alley. The writing was plain, and when I say plain, I mean each sentence was civil enough that all levels of comprehension should be able to read from one sentence to the next without feeling lost.Amid quite a bit of sarcasm the man has a failing business, a wife he suspects of cheating, and a drinking pr [...]

    14. This book was way out of the box for me, and I really enjoyed it. I don't read spy novels, but it was sort of a spoof of them, new age stuff, and Disney world, among other things. I was laughing and also not wanting to put it down. As "out there" as the plot was, it also seemed plausible once you entered the head and life of Travis Anderson, the main character, and I think the first person narration helped in that--a lot! The ending was perfect, and the characters were just--so believable, even [...]

    15. Ah. . . this book was exactly what I was hoping it would be . . . an entertaining if somewhat slight beach read. The plot is bizarre. A Dallas yuppie scum does well enough on a psychic website that he's hired by government contractors and ends up in an all consuming battle of good vs. evil, the stakes being his family's welfare and the future of human kind (or at least Disney World). Clarke's voice isn't all that unique--I kept picking up hints of Bret Easton Ellis here, Tim Sandlin there and th [...]

    16. This book is Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas meets Shadow Run (sorry only humans) meets Unbreakable, but it has a soul all its own. It is set in Dallas.poor boring Dallas if only it's good, republican citizens knew what was going on under it's squeaky clean exterior. It is a fast and fun read. The main character has to wade through alcoholism and borderline-schizo apparitions of blue guys as he gets sober and takes on the IRS and secret government organizations and the freaks they employ. All thi [...]

    17. Not bad for a first novel, I must say. Clarke's characters, while not exactly paragons of literary complexity, are certainly deeper and more detailed than one might expect. He also has a knack for jarring imagery, though a bit of it was a little too-obviously included for shock value. The plot, while not predictable, wasn't particularly inspired, but was still quite fun. I did really like the ending; everything gets wrapped up in a satisfyingly consistent way by having the main character show se [...]

    18. Seemed to shift pretty radically:* Went from funny romp into somewhat unrealistic (I know, I know) territory, plot-wise, esp. with the masterplan* Could've used more denouement (wife's reaction kind of unexplained)* On the one hand, funny satire of Dallas rich people; but then the spy stuff was pretty flat (sci-fi aspects very vanilla)* Many things seemed very perfunctory. Either needed to go more epic/sinister/top-secret, or be written more tightly with more humour.SageRat and the chippy bureau [...]

    19. Listened to this for an RA SIG. Funny in parts, though the language and sex might offend some. I'm usually pretty good at suspending my disbelief, but this book pushed the limits and, while I was mildly interested in where this might end up, by the time we got there I was bored. Man with mild psychic abilities is taken in to a government program in return for the forgiveness of a $5 million IRS debt. Who can be trusted? Is his wife sleeping with his partner? Is there an alligator in the swimmng [...]

    20. I loved this book— it’s an adventure in the mind of a crazy person. In a good way. Travis Anderson, an alcoholic on the edge of financial ruin, has a psychic gift. His family doesn’t know about it, but the government does and Travis is recruited, partially against his own will, to work as a “remote influencer.”It’s all about plot. It’s surprising, fun, dangerous, nutty. The sci-fi mind-control aspect is a great device. I would put this in the same category as James Hynes. I’ll lo [...]

    21. Wacky read -- plays with concept of reality. Main character plays PSYCHIC cow type game online -- has extremely high scores -- government was monitoring site to find people with psychic ability for secret projects. Found the main characterThe high-octane swearing made it very tough for me to enjoy reading this possibly humorous novel. Younger generation book club readers who didn't mind swearing liked it.

    22. This is a silly, mindless, sometimes annoying comedic romp through the head of a psychic yuppie desperate to please his wife and keep his Stepford family intact - often to the point of "why bother, dude?" It was a mindless read, slightly laughable, to the tune of Tom Robbins (but not nearly as wordsmithy), Christopher Moore, or Carl Hiaasen. Two-and-a-half stars; I'm halfway between it was ok and liked it, but it was a quick read.

    23. This book was freakin' histerical. It's essentially about a dude who has some magical mind powers. Obviously he thinks he's crazy when he is kidnapped and keeps seeing the "blue genie" but its actually a covert government operation. He's got a douche bag for a business partner and there are definitely lots of twists and turns in this book. I do highly recommend it!

    24. humorous, not overly self-conscious nor does it try too hard to be profound. just a good, quick read. i found this book on a bench in the 28th st downtown 6 train stop; read a few pages while waiting for the train and decided i liked it enough to take it with me. it's a book crossing book - check out bookcrossing to find out more. the bcid is 943-4968007.

    25. This book was equal parts bizarre and funny. That expression/bumper-sticker "Just cuz I'm paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get me," could be the epitaph for the main character of this novel. I don't want to say too much about the book because I'd hate to ruin the surprises. Let's just say it's a pretty original concept, and it works.

    26. A truly inspired, some might say insane, romp through betrayal, paranoia, religious bunk and cops, crooks and IRS agents. Trying to describe the plot of this story is to get the story wrongyou read this story so as to immerse yourself in a bit of weird paranoia that might be slice of life observation if life is being observed while imbibing too many drinks or way to many drugs

    27. This book is a ride into the surreal, clever & comical world of a regular guy. It is very funny & an imaginative adventure. It's reads quickly & is worth every second. If you don't like this book you probably don't have much of a sense of humor or a sense of how ironic current American pop culture is.

    28. this is a funny book about a guy who has psychic abilitieshe gets tangled up with a secret group of psychic spies and learns he can communicate with the dead. God appears to him as a short fat blue skinned man. in the end he must save the world, and his family, and come to terms with his psychic abilities. well worth the reading time.

    29. As a huge fan of weirdy goodness, I find myself a fan of this book. Though I don't find myself laughing out loud, I read with amusement and a grin the whole way through. This is a very creative take on a spy novel (sort of.) It's fast paced, and great entertainment for a afternoon read. I look forward to reading more of Mr. Clarke.

    30. Not likely to finish. Sometimes bizarre is intriguing, and sometimes it's cute, but in this case, I found it merely annoying. Perhaps the better half is the second oneI'll assume that, to be polite.

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