Natasha and Other Stories

Natasha and Other Stories Meet the Bermans Bella Roman and their son Mark Russian Jews who have fled the Riga of Brezhnev for Toronto the city of their dreams Natasha brings the Bermans and the Russian Jewish enclaves of Tor

  • Title: Natasha and Other Stories
  • Author: David Bezmozgis
  • ISBN: 9780099461166
  • Page: 420
  • Format: Paperback
  • Meet the Bermans Bella, Roman and their son Mark Russian Jews who have fled the Riga of Brezhnev for Toronto, the city of their dreams Natasha brings the Bermans and the Russian Jewish enclaves of Toronto to life in stories full of big, desperate, utterly believable consequence In Tapka , six year old Mark s first experiments in English bring ruin and near trageMeet the Bermans Bella, Roman and their son Mark Russian Jews who have fled the Riga of Brezhnev for Toronto, the city of their dreams Natasha brings the Bermans and the Russian Jewish enclaves of Toronto to life in stories full of big, desperate, utterly believable consequence In Tapka , six year old Mark s first experiments in English bring ruin and near tragedy to the neighbours upstairs In Roman Berman, Massage Therapist , Roman and Bella stake all their hopes for Roman s business on their first, humiliating dinner with a North American family In the title story, a stark, funny anatomy of first love, we witness Mark s sexual awakening at the hands of his fourteen year old cousin, a new immigrant from the New Russia.

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    1. Wow! What a way to end my 2017 reading challenge on a complete high.“What was the point of talking about it? You lived as you lived while you lived. Today he was drinking tea and watching checkers, why ruin a nice afternoon worrying about tomorrow?”I was on the search to find a collection full of interlinked short stories to read, when I came across this recommendation video talking about Natasha. Suffice to say, I'm beyond thankful.Told through Mark's eyes, and spanning the last twenty-thr [...]

    2. I’m too close to David Bezmozgis, in age and geography, to assess his work objectively. We’re from the same town; we hung out in the same malls and got high in the same suburban basements (more or less). We share a particular kind of provincialism and aspire to a particular kind of cosmopolitanism. In his short stories, I glimpse a distorted reflection of myself, and I don’t always like what I see. Who does? So maybe you should chalk up my animus to self-loathing, though again it’s a ver [...]

    3. A collection of interlinked stories about the immigrant experience of Latvian Jews who come to Toronto in the 80s told from the point of view of the son who is six in the first story and an adult in his twenties in the last. The stories are told with wit and compassion, and are nicely unsentimental. Although they seem to be about the specific Russian Jewish Canadian immigrant experience, they are also universal in many ways in showing general immigrant experience, feelings about the past life in [...]

    4. Truly exceptional realist short stories. It's so easy to write bad short stories, even really good short stories that at times ring a bit false, but I felt almost no missteps while reading Natasha. Bezmozgis sympathizes with his characters but doesn't pity them, choosing instead to appreciate the irony of their lives as if he were their friend rather than their author.

    5. This was a good collection of short stories, the author does a good job at highlighting the trials and hardships faced as an immigrant and growing up as a young child. Fairly good writing, but I still felt like it was missing something to make it go from average to fantastic. I don't think I have a favourite short story, which might be way I didn't love the book. Although, The Second Strongest Man, Tapka and Natasha were all well done and stand out as memorable reads for me. The stories are all [...]

    6. Terrific compilation of short stories. Bezmozgis' Lithuanian-Jewish-Canadian immigrant childhood and adolescence rings brilliantly, hilariously true. I got the opportunity to meet the author a few years ago; real nice guy. Kind of quiet, though. Met his agent, too -- dude had a mohawk, which was kind of weird. I thought that maybe he lost a bet. The agent, not Bezmozgis, whose hair was uninteresting.

    7. Perhaps I expected too much from this book, given the evocative title and some encouraging reviews.It's the first I've read by DB and I'm inclined to think I would have appreciated these interlinked short stories much more if he had owned them as memoir. Maybe he didn't because some of these stories are not very believable, and there are a lot of moot points. For him, the world had neither mission nor meaning, only the possibility of joy. p140This is from the last story in the book, and is the o [...]

    8. All was going well but honestly he lost me when he described a woman as having "conspicuously long nipples"Just, why?

    9. Roman Berman, his wife and their son emigrate from Latvia to Toronto in 1980 with "no English, no money, no job and only a murky conception of what the future held." In the course of the seven stories that comprise David Bezmozgis' debut collection, Natasha, we'll witness the Bermans slowly, painfully assimilate into North American culture, mainly through the eyes of the son, Mark.He's six years old in the first story, "Tapka," in which he and a cousin are put in charge of dog-sitting a Russian [...]

    10. I feel like I shouldn't have to write a review about the books that I'm required to read for work. So I won't. But basically its a bunch of short stories that are told by the character Mark, and his family's assimilation from Latvia (however u spell it) to Toronto. There were actually some pretty good stories.

    11. It has been a while since reading a collection of short stories - and this was a wonderful reintroduction. I was left feeling upset in the first story and almost stopped me from continuing. My decision to persist (clearly I am closer to my dumb Bichon then I think) was rewarded with some beautiful stories.

    12. A delightful look at the Eastern Euro/immigrants experience to Canada in the 1980swhich takes a surprisingly darker turn in the final two stories of this collection. At first, this turn feels like whiplashbut the after-taste is quite powerful, and says much about who we are versus who we might have been. This is best summed up as "much more than the sum of its parts".

    13. Three stars for the collection overall, but four or even five for a few of the stories within it. I'm definitely going to keep an eye out for his work in the future. (There's a story of his online that's not in the collection here: [all-story/issuesi?a]. Recommended.)

    14. It doesn't get any better than this. Everything about this book is great - subject matter, plotlines, execution, language. It's only a very slim volume, but each story is a gem, to be slowly savored. i completely agree with this London Review of Books critic: lrb/v26/n24/wood02_.

    15. Dobre su priče, ali nekako prezasićene, autor sve lepo i dočara i prokomentariše, ali nema nejasnih, začudnih, dvosmislenih mesta ni prostora za dijalog s pričom, već je saznajemo iz perspektive pripovedača i to je to.

    16. Definitely a thin volume but the stories are so rich - thick with a specific atmosphere. I read a novel by Bezmozgis and liked it but these - I loved.

    17. My friend Tamara handed me this book- and when I opened it I was excited. Russian Jewish immigrant, living in Toronto, going to Hebrew school. There was definitely enough for me to connect with. The book is written as a series of short stories, chronicling Mark's childhood and adolescence. There are some amazing passages that I loved, like when the family gets invited for Shabbat dinner and brings a honey cake- only to realize they are the token Russian Jewish immigrants and are there to tell th [...]

    18. In the same week, I finished Lucky Us, by Amy Bloom, and this collection of stories by David Bezmozgis. Both writers have used, or perhaps simply have, a detached style that doesn't serve their stories. In Natasha, the narrator's detachment reaches a height which allows for incredible elements, like the generic sex Mark has with Natasha, scenes which I felt should have inspired rage in me for that young girl's corruption and pity for Mark's loneliness and malaise but which instead left me with n [...]

    19. This author really developed the feeling or situation in each characters' dilemma. I am not a fan of short stories, only because i am always looking for the next "page -turner". If each situation/story wasn't so pathetic, I might give this a 5 star rating, because of the writers' skill.

    20. David Bezmozgis uses the short story form to good effect in this collection, dipping in and out of the river of the protagonist's life. The prose, though, often felt clumsy and heavy handed.

    21. This is a collection of seven stories, loosely linked, about Russian Jewish immigrants to Toronto in the late 20th century. As might be expected, it's not easy to make a life in eastern Canada, coming from Russia. There is a new language to be learned, jobs are hard to come by, and if they are found, they're usually low paying and menial, and of course there are tensions within the immigrant community itself, often between generations.The title story is one of initiation into adulthood of a 16 y [...]

    22. andalittlewine/2012/06/natasha-and-other-stories-by-davidNatasha, and Other Stories by David Bezmozgis has traveled with me for a long a time. Published in 2004, I'm pretty sure I grabbed the small hardcover off the shelf the first time I saw it. I read it and forgot I'd read it, even listing it as one of the books I own but haven't read.How could I forget?Natasha has nearly everything I love: it is a novel in short story form, each story connected to the other but independent; it has a family n [...]

    23. במשך שנים היוו ארה"ב וקנדה יעד לגיטימי להגירת יהודים מברית המועצות. חלק מהיהודים שברחו מתנאי החיים הלא נוחים, הגיעו לישראל ומיד עלו על המטוס הבא לקנדה.המהגרים/ עולים (תלוי בזווית הראיה) יצרו בדמיונם את החיים העתידיים שלהם: הם דמיינו כיצד במדינה החדשה הם הופכים לאזרחים מהשורה, [...]

    24. I originally read the short story "Natasha" in Harper's a couple a years back and was really impressed by David Bezmozgis' story of coming of age in the suburbs of Toronto. A bittersweet story of innocence and illusions lost as well as difficult harsh life lessons learned. I was looking forward to his short story collection Natasha and Other Stories, which is a series of stories about the Russian Jewish immigrant experience in the 80s. It turns out that I had read another of his stories in Harpe [...]

    25. Jeremy Scheuer(Tin House Magazine Intern): Last night I revisited David Bezmosgis’s Natasha: And Other Stories, which I first came across as a senior in college. I was writing a thesis and looking for a competent, edited-to-perfection, model short story. The title story Natasha blew my mind. Natasha, an emotionally numb, inscrutable fourteen year-old recently moves to Toronto from Russia with her mother. The teenage narrator, Mark Berman, is living in his parents’ basement getting high and w [...]

    26. Being Russian-Jewish is a weird thing. You're not "half Russian and half Jewish", as some people might think, but actually 100% both and neither at the same time. To Jews living in Israel or North America, you're a weird Russian; but to the Russians, you will always be a dirty Jew.It's only been about 25 years since the Soviet Union collapsed. Many families, my own included, could not emigrate until then; a lucky few, like Bezmozgis', managed to push through the cracks during 70's. For that reas [...]

    27. I heard about this author on The New Yorker's list of 20 noteworthy authors under 40. Since I've enjoyed several other authors on the list I decided to give this book a try and I was not disappointed. It is a series of short stories, all involving the same family of Russian Jewish refugees living in Canada. This story of resettlement and cultural adjustment, like several others I've read, was fascinating to read and gave me new insight and understanding into my work with refugees, especially tho [...]

    28. immigrant fiction seems to be a pretty dominant category in contemporary american fiction and natasha is another addition. the prose is typical of the genre, fairly literal, not very idiomatic, not very decorated, and with some importse stories that i liked best were an animal to the memory, natasha, and minyan. aside from natasha these stories have the immigrants' condition at the center, but something kind of universal shows through, like the appropriation of victimization (hitler and stalin i [...]

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