Letters to Elise: A Peter Townsend Novella

Letters to Elise A Peter Townsend Novella In My Blood Approves Peter Townsend fell in love with Alice Bonham but she wasn t his first love In a new novella told through his letters his history is revealed This is a novella words in

  • Title: Letters to Elise: A Peter Townsend Novella
  • Author: Amanda Hocking
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 316
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • In My Blood Approves, Peter Townsend fell in love with Alice Bonham, but she wasn t his first love In a new novella told through his letters, his history is revealed This is a novella 25,000 words in length or approximately 100 pages long in paperback.

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    • Free Read [Humor and Comedy Book] ✓ Letters to Elise: A Peter Townsend Novella - by Amanda Hocking ↠
      316 Amanda Hocking
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    1 thought on “Letters to Elise: A Peter Townsend Novella”

    1. I loved seeing more of peter and his life before my blood approves series. I didn't like Elise at all in this book and think peter is better off without her also i really enjoyed when peter talks about Mae and jack and alice coming into his life. The ending of this book gives me hope that Amanda will write a 5th my blood aproves book because i need more and still kind of hope that Alice and Peter get together. =)

    2. In the past I have really enjoyed the authors previous work. I was a little hesitant to read Letters to Elise because it is completely in letter form. It is also the back story of one of the characters that she has already wrote about in the My Blood Approves series. I decided to read it because of my devotion and love of the same character. I am so happy that I did. The writing was wonderfully beautiful in this book. As a reader we are able to look into Peter's life and get to know him in a way [...]

    3. Not a bad book especially since I didn't read any of the others. Peter is a vampire and he tells his story through letters over a period of 150 years.

    4. Wow this audiobook was capable of making me cry, all the time there was such an agony in the words that i could not help it but wish to be Peter happy :/Peter was made for Elise. but he was bound by Alice too. Almost two same names, same love, same bond and same fate for Peter. :(Earlier, before i listened this book, i admired Jack alot, I thought that Peter is a trouble all the time but i was wrong. Alice was meant to be with Peter but somehow, nature vs. nurture rule engulfed the bound destini [...]

    5. This was AMAZING! I love Peter's character but this book helped me love his character even more! I truly loved this story!I'm glad it gave me an insight to Peter's life before he was turned and how he met Ezra. I enjoyed reading about his feelings toward Ezra & Mae because of the brother/sister bond they shared and how Peter struggled once Elise had died. The letters that shocked me the most, was were Peter describes his feelings towards Jack - so full of love and happiness, like a father/so [...]

    6. This novella tells the backstory of Peter and his first love, Elise. In the My Blood Approves sequels, the reader only knows Peter from Alice's point of view, and Alice is not an objective view. The reader cannot really understand why Peter treats Alice the way he does, but this backstory completes the picture for a fuller understanding of one of the books' main characters, Peter. We find out how Peter comes a vampire and understand more about the relationship between Ezra and Peter. In this act [...]

    7. Letters to Elise was a beautifuly written novel! IT gave me great insight into Peters life and brought me to the time periods in which he wrote each letter. I cried when elise died and I feel as if Peter is a beutiful, hardworking, determined, selfless man. His compassion for Alice really shows and it also explains why he acted the way he was in the my blood approves. I deeply wish that Alice and Peter get together because I think that Peter would really care for Alice and from what I read it te [...]

    8. I love the My Blood Approves series, so I was looking forward to reading more, especially about mysterious Peter. However, this installment fell a bit flat to me. I found the mechanism to tell Peter's story and his life with Elise in the form of letters to her - both while she was alive and after she was dead - to be a little awkward. Once I was able to get around that, it was an enjoyable read. However, I felt that some of the mushy, gooey eyed love letters were not very believable coming from [...]

    9. In some ways I enjoyed reading this but in others I hated it. It was an easy read I finished it in just a few hours. What I liked about it was that you go a little more information about Peter & Ezra (even alittle about Jack & Mae) and you go to know why the are the way they are. What I didn't like about it was that the time from was suppose to be in the 1800s but I didn't feel like it was written during that time. But i quickly goty over that :) Also I have always been routing for Alice [...]

    10. This was extremely underwhelming Peter was a sexy and mysterious character to me in all previous My Blood Approves books but then I read this and being inside his head made me realize he's not mysterious or interesting at all. What a huge disappointment. He's kind of a sissy. He spends years pining for his long lost love but doesn't even seriously consider avenging her death until 150 years later? Ridiculous Despite the story, the writing was kind of terrible as well I love Amanda Hocking's voic [...]

    11. I think I liked this better than anything else I've read in the MBA series so far, and no, it's not because I think Peter and Alice are true loves who are meant to be together. One of the things that has irked me throughout the MBA series so far is that there's this "connection" between Peter and Alice, but we, the readers, don't really get to know Peter at all, and I don't think Alice gets to really know Peter at all either because they never spend time together - they just "feel" their connect [...]

    12. Probably better than much of the companion series. I really liked getting more insight into Peter and events from the past before the series began. There are the usual editing problems, which are annoying. But, my biggest problem was probably just that much of it didn’t read like letters--not when conversations were related in excruciating detail and other things that no one would record like that in a letter or journal. The idea of letters as the format seems like a good one, but it just didn [...]

    13. I loved it, i love Peter awww he is so filled with emotion on the inside which is definately not what you find on the outside, the way he loved Elise, the depths of that love and what he would do for her was just astounding. It was heartbreaking when he lost her and the way he struggled to come to terms with it and eventually it took Jack to help heal him. At least now you can understand how hes stepped back in My Blood approves, he thinks he isnt capable of giving his heart to another or hurtin [...]

    14. I am not sure what to say about thisI will say this,I liked Peter in the MBA series, sometimes even more than Jack, but I don't like him as well after reading this. Maybe some things are better left to our imaginations. I would maybe have liked this better if it had just been a short story instead of trying to cram all of it into letters. For me the content didn't translate well in letter form. When you write a letter, the person you are writing to knows what you are writing about. You don't nee [...]

    15. This Novella is from Peter's POV. I've read some other Amanda Hocking books and I really liked those, but this was a little hard for me to get through and I didn't feel any connection with it at all. It was sad to read about Peter's longing and sadness due to the death of his beloved Elise. I did however, like that it showed the brotherhood between Ezra and Peter and how they relied on each other for their existance and will to carry on. It was just an okay read for me and glad it was just a Nov [...]

    16. I was really looking forward to a book that gave another story about a character I love from the the "My Blood Approves" series, and this just wasn't it. It was interesting to read parts of it, but I felt over all the story lines were underdeveloped. Maybe my expectations were skewed from from I should have had, but this book didn't grant the same "satisfaction" I got from reading the series.

    17. This is the "My Blood Approves" novella featuring "Peter". First, let me say, in this series, Jack, Peter's "brother" is my favorite. However, I absolutely LOVED this novella. The reader gets to know Peter a bit better, know what's in his head, heart and soul. I'm not ashamed to say I broke out in tears a couple of times as well. Sohave your kleenex ready. :)

    18. Aww I love Peter! My heart breaks for him. It was interesting to see a different side to both Peter and Ezra. I enjoyed reading about Mae, Jack, and Alice too.

    19. So goodI went back and read it because in was reading the last book in the series and it was even better this time

    20. Mmmh, I'm not really sure what to think about it. It's good, and explained many things, but it was really weird.

    21. Originally posted on A Book and a Latte:Letters to Elise was a treat to read, and a must for fans of the My Blood Approves Series! I really liked Peter and was fascinated with his character when I read the first three books in the series a couple of years ago. In the other books, you only get to know Peter from Alice’s perspective. So I enjoyed learning more about Peter through his letters that he writes to his first love, Elise, before and after her death.This novella begins with Peter being [...]

    22. I have to say, any man in touch with his emotions would weep from a love letter from Amanda Hocking. :) She is amazing at writing love letters. They are so touching and captivating. Goodness!I've always felt for Peter. You can just tell that his life has been hell and that he's been though a lot. Losing your lover and feeling their death the exact moment they were dying while you are so far away in another country is an extremely sucky thing to go through. I know that his pain and heartache was [...]

    23. Letters to EliseEn este corto libro nos explican la vida de Peter narrada por medio de cartas.Peter escribe su historia desde que se convirtió en vampiro hasta encontrarse enamorado de Alice.Peter trata de abrir un poco más sus sentimientos, siente agradecimiento por Ezra ya que lo salvó y tiempo después encuentra a una chava que puede ser el amor de su vida.Alice y Peter son felices, se casaron y vivieron añosde casados, él era demasiado feliz, pero luego sucede una tragedia y Peter no vu [...]

    24. I think Hocking is better suited to short stories. This one was better than either books 3 or 4 of the main series. Saying that, it was still only "ok." While it was kind of interesting to know more about the past of Ezra and Peter, it actually made me dislike them. I had actually liked Ezra. He'd seemed the most real/normal/mature of them all. Obviously everyone goes through that "teenager pushing the limits" phase, but Ezra was the "father figure" - did we really need to be told about him havi [...]

    25. I loved this companion book to the My Blood Approves series written by Amanda Hocking! I would definitely recommend reading it along with the series. I love Amanda Hocking who is a wonderful storyteller. Although all vampire books are now compared to Twilight, I really feel that Ms. Hocking tells an orginal story that readers of the paranormal genre will love.This book is a series of letters from Peter to his first wife and bondmate, Elise. I would recommend reading this book in between My Blood [...]

    26. I was so close to putting this book down and calling it a day. I was so tired of Peter getting the shitty end of the stick and this was like the icing on the cake. Learning about his family and what led to his transformation was very interesting though. Once he met Elise everything about being a vampire changed for him. He was no longer a monster, he was loved by this amazing person.They get married, finally get intimate with one another, and get ready to move back to the U.S together.Then trage [...]

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